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This is my story

a two part video, at the end wait a few seconds

A very touching video, let Ben tell you his story, and be inspired by him and what he has to say. A boy that had suffered throughout his entire life and a boy that let himself be liberated by the painful experiences he had. https://travelwithgirls.com/. These are the lessons to learn, not to undertand but to accept them only for oneself. A free spirit and a light for everyone

Ben passed away last december on christmas day, one week after this video.

As Maharaj said: “When i see that i am nothing – that is wisdom, when i see that i am everything – that is love. And in between these two is where i stay at all times.”

Top Tunes for this month

So with a new month comes a new top tunes selection. This time we have picked 8 tracks for you to choose. You have 4 votes, so choose your four favourite tracks out of eight.

Poll will be closed next week on Friday 13th.

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listen and grab all the tracks here:


Daniel Merriweather feat. Wale – Change


Emynd – Axwell / Pase Rock Blend


VV Brown – Quick Fix


Roxanne DiscoTech Remix


Fort Knox Five – Insight feat. Asheru (A Skillz Remix)


Rolling Stones – Satisfaction DiscoTech Remix


M.I.A. / Deelite – Hombre is in the groove (DJ Prince Blend)


Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (Chew Fu Refix)