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Dwnld full Chiddy Bang mixtape “The Swelly Express”


Big up Xaphoon for sending this through and apologies bro for forgetting to post this over and over again. Its the mixtape offering from his band Chiddy Bang which received enough praises from me and all the djs involved in YUM YUM.

@Xaphoon whenever you got new stuff send it through and check Stromae (maybe for remixing him)- i’ll hook you up with acapellas and all. He is like the french sensation everyone plays this side of the sea. I think you guys dig it.

Dwnld the full zip right here Chiddy Bang – The Swelly Express


Chiddy Bang – All Things Go


Chiddy Bang – Get Up In The Morning

Chiddy Bang – “On our way” prod Xaphoon Jones



On Our Way (Remastered)

Another track that Chiddy Bang / Xaphoon Jones sent. I like these kids. They sound like a breath of fresh air and are somehow among the only “real” hiphop you’ll find in our sets these days. But whats real anyway? That 90ies term sounds so corny. Hope this finds its way through the bloglands and the interwebs. These guys are gonna go their way and they can count on us to support them. ★★★chromemusic approved★★★

Xaphoon Jones Vol 1 Mixtape


Xaphoon Jones, the producer of Chiddy Bang, which is so far my favourite hiphop band this year, sent me his mixtape – simpy entitled Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol.1. what can i say, i dig these guys and their style – mucho. Grab it for free right here and show Xaphoon some love on myspace. Its a mixtape full of surprises and originality. I played 3 of his tracks last weekend and they get crowd-love.

Keep up the great work dude and connect


13 I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT) Kopie

more Chiddy Bang: “sooner or later”


chiddy bang “sooner-or-later”


chiddy bang “because” ft radiohead

While looking for some more Chiddy Bang tracks online, after “Kids” was voted this months YUM YUM top tune, i came across these two pieces called “sooner or later” & “because” sampling Radiohead, among others, but these were the most outstanding ones. Not no primers or so but just some fresh tunes from this band that i came to value a lot for making hip hop listenable again to me. way to go chiddies…

ps >>> once again another flawless sample selection d-_-b

Chiddy Bang – Kids

this track ruled my itunes hiphop playlist last week. pretty funny to use mgmts kids anthem from last year as sample source and make a track called “kids” out of it “featuring mgmt”. i like their attititude. lets see what the future what the future will bring.


“kids-feat-mgmt” – Chiddy Bang

hit them up on myspace