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Marvin Gaye sings german

Wow, Marvin sings one of his classics in german. Its even better than stevie in italian, but hey its Marvin. have fun, that one really made me smile, even though it sounds exxtra cheesy in german, the language known to man (thx to Justin Bieber) as “we dont say that in America” lol


Marvin Gaye “Wie schoen das ist”

A soul gem by one of the people who defined soul music.Found via dutchdolls.blogspot.com

For the djs and mp3 handyman, Instrumental + Acapella of the original:

Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (instrumental)

Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (Acapella)

simply beautiful …by Al Green

This song has been a favourite of mine ever since i heard it first, a long, long time ago and anyone who has known me since the age of 18 knows ho much i was into this music instead of the then popular charts – i was a huge Al Green fan and his take on soul music. For those of you who still have my old, old mixtapes you will surely recall this tune and i even remember sampling it for a tune on my headz/downbeat album (think early mo wax/ ninja tune etc) that i finished in 2001 but never released. Time to re-release that album digital – now thats a thought!

Enjoy Al Greens tune cause its simply beautiful:


Al Green – Simply Beautiful

extra: a recent take/ remix on simply beautiful