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my father says i am living in a trance… new folky stuff

i recently kinda let you down on the folky side of things, but here is a roundup of beautiful tunes that i have enjoyed recently. some great cover versions and silent sounds. A perfect soundtrack to a (still) imaginary summer lol


“Dancing in the Moonlight” – John Dissed (Thin Lizzy Cover)


“Send me Angel” – Emily Zisman & Ryan Avery (Real Life Cover)


“Killing in the Name of Love” – Biffy Clyro (Rage Cover)

YUM YUM Folk Mixtape “Sweet Serenade Vol 2” compiled and a little bit mixed by chrome

“Give you the heavens and the sunshine” this is what this mix is about, steppin away from the beat driven music to give some music i listen to when hanging in my yellow hamock.

After the huge success which my first mix represented by being heard simply everywhere i went, i did another one – actually i am planning on doing a whole series (have 6 covers already finished and mix 3 is in the pipeline). Enjoy this one – especially in these quiet days. So have fun and let the hamock sway.

Full tracklist:

1. “Summer wastin” – Anna Egge
2. “Video killed the radio star” – The Wrong Trousers
3. “Turpentine” – Vandaveer
4. “Human Nature” – Glenn Case
5. “Original Nuttah” – Get Cape, Wear, Fly
6. “High Ground” – Orenda Fink
7. “California Soul” – Cara Robinson
8. “I’ ll follow you into the Dark” – Amy Millan
9. “Little Lies” – Anna Ternheim
10. “Beggin my weakness” – Barnaby Bright
11. “Boat behind” – Kings of Convenience
12. “A Change is gonna come” – Ben Sollee
13. “Race you” – Elizabeth & the Catapult
14. “Cupid” – Melanie Fiona & the Illadelphonics (the Roots)
15. “Walking down the line” – Ellen Jewell
16. “You and i” – Wilco & Feist
17. “Whatever you like” – Anya Marina
18. “Crystalize” – the xx
19. “Free” – Donovan Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson
20. “Chicago” – Sufjan Stevens
21. “Don’t worry baby” – Jim Hanft
22. “When doves cry” – The Be Good Tanyas
23. “Come as you are” – Laura Love
24. “Brain Damage” – Jeffrey Lewis & Laura Marling
25. “Only a song” – Ben Sollee



MJ is dead, and we all have outed ourselves as MJ fans all over the world. It had and probably still has all the news media on lock – through and through. Just check the webs, facebook and twitter. We all remember growing up to his tunes, whether it was the Jackson 5, Disco Mike, the Thriller era, the Bad era or even the 90ies MJ. While people are mourning his death all over the world i think they should rather be reminded not of their own mortality but of the many good music he has given and be thankful for that. Instead it just shows how everybody is trying to make profit of his death and how we, in western culture, are completely uncapable of coping wih death in general. We run from it all our life and we fear it, and when bigger than life images die or disappear – that goes for persons, countries or any other accepted public concept/image – we lose some sense of self, or see our image of ourself threatened and start mourning. That shows how much we let ourselves be defined and manipulated by outside influences. We are not merely the sum of accumulated memories and experiences. Where is the divine?

MJ has given us some good memories, but they are all memories and they are dead the moment they pass us, so we should drop them instantly, while enjoying life and maybe hearing some of his great music in our mind. Enjoy

MJ folky Cover versions:


Ben Gibbard-thriller-cover


Glenn Case “human nature”


Kesang Marstrand “say say”

nice MJ Rmxs:


i-want-you-back-motorpitch-remix (our YUM YUM Vienna producer and crew member)





“Holiday” Jack Johnson & G. Love

This has been my ringtone for almost 2 years. Love this live version that was recorded in New Zealand back in ???. Enjoy. And Jack kinda raps at the very end. I don’t mind anyone calling me anymore, when the ringtone is allready so relaxed  – makes you think of Hamaks and heavy couching.