MJ is dead, and we all have outed ourselves as MJ fans all over the world. It had and probably still has all the news media on lock – through and through. Just check the webs, facebook and twitter. We all remember growing up to his tunes, whether it was the Jackson 5, Disco Mike, the Thriller era, the Bad era or even the 90ies MJ. While people are mourning his death all over the world i think they should rather be reminded not of their own mortality but of the many good music he has given and be thankful for that. Instead it just shows how everybody is trying to make profit of his death and how we, in western culture, are completely uncapable of coping wih death in general. We run from it all our life and we fear it, and when bigger than life images die or disappear – that goes for persons, countries or any other accepted public concept/image – we lose some sense of self, or see our image of ourself threatened and start mourning. That shows how much we let ourselves be defined and manipulated by outside influences. We are not merely the sum of accumulated memories and experiences. Where is the divine?

MJ has given us some good memories, but they are all memories and they are dead the moment they pass us, so we should drop them instantly, while enjoying life and maybe hearing some of his great music in our mind. Enjoy

MJ folky Cover versions:


Ben Gibbard-thriller-cover


Glenn Case “human nature”


Kesang Marstrand “say say”

nice MJ Rmxs:


i-want-you-back-motorpitch-remix (our YUM YUM Vienna producer and crew member)