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Sonnengruss & Richard Istel “Talking In Your Sleep” (Savage 80’s Cover – Power Level 9000!)

Freaking awesome. My guys Sonnengruss aka Tobi & Dominique with their buddy Richard, recorded this monster of a fun pop song. I had it on repeat and their video wins the 80’s nostalgia award I was also involved into the fun creation to a minimini – mal degree, but them guys had too much fun doing it. So hooray, best Sonnengruss release so far and Richard Istels vocals actually sound like he is made for that kind of big tunes. And the video is Awesome AF.

I don’t know if it’s just my 80’s fanboy-ism but i have been missing power anthems, everything is sad and dragging these days or totally degenrated voyeurism, but this one is postive all the way through, and is sure to land on every party playlist, form the lazy ones to the bog rooms. Love it! Put it on and see how often you will have it on repeat ;)


Soundclown Link for Hypem. I heard some people out there are still using Soundclown. Must be the Russian Bots the FBI is talking about, but wait the FBI was caught lying about it… confused…

Introducing: Le Youth

Hailing from L.A., Wes James is a young Disco/Electronic/EDM/ Four to the Floor Producer and is set to get plays on a global scale. Chromemusics own Row took over the managing duties of this young fella who brings a generic sounding a fresh twist on the American production scene, since this is one of the few guys from overseas that could easily be played in any COOL spot in Europe. Which is really rare when it comes to American producers, since that whole American EDM scene doesn’t really happen anywhere in the proper clubs in urban Europe. But here comes this dude and puts it all on its head. Even though his track “Cool”, which is indeed a cool track, is the go to tune right now, since it popped up on the hypemachine and a few other websites, i prefer his song “Dance with me” which is like a homage to times lost on the dance floors, revisiting the good times on the floors before the hooligans became mainstream. It has a soulful, discoid vibe and a fresh new production twist, to make it appealing to a all generations. Grown up music, accessible to everyone who has a preference for a juicy, soulful and summery vive on the floor. Really dig it, and i wish i had posted it earlier, but caught up in my own dj duties. So give him a hug on the diverse media platforms and keep an eye on young Wes, for i guess, there is much more to come from this fella.

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