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Paper Giants – Mind

Paper Giants is a new act from New Zealand and grabbed my attention within the first bar of his second song “Mind”. Tight drums on this smooth mid-tempo song leaded by a deep bassline + catchy guitar riffs and topped with soulful vocals.

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Hannes Fischer – Reworks (Feist, Gotye…)

Hannes Fischer,

sent me this tune, while i was already getting ready to play it on the weekends, we quickly exchanged a few friendlies on the nets, and after listening to all his material, i must say, yes you are more than welcome to play in our spot! ps Check your mails dude :)

A quick roundup: The mans currently residing in Berlin, originally hailing form south-western-region of germany (stuttgart & baden würtemberg) playing at Ritter Butzke on the 20th, his Adele Rework managed to get a solid 100k plays on soundcloud, plus he managed to get an astonishing 400k plays altogether! Currently working on his first vinyl release (big up) and this mans going places. But that’s already TMI

His reworks have just the right amount of original pieces left intact to work as proper songs and enough of his original ideas and music to combine both into absolute, solid state of the art reworks and positive material. ps check Hannes Fischer on facebook – a small ‘like’ goes a long way these days… check out his music & see you soon Hannes :)

many more of his tracks are on his soundcloud page

LDR – Video Games (Re.You Edit)

Chris Urban, a friend of ours, put this online a few weeks back, and i simply wasnt online enough to get any kind of blog work done, in between renovating the new club, travelling and taking care of all kinds of stuff. And somehow none of our guys did, but this is just too good not to be dropped. So enjoy this fantastic rework of Lana Del Reys “Videogames”. The original has just been voted song of the year by a whole lot of magazines left and right of the Atlantic. This is an epic mix right here by Re.You of the Keine Musik guys!