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Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Bass ill Euro Remix ft. Mister Santos) Video

Our friends and YUM YUM homies Schowi & Passion aka Bass ill Euro remixed the chart-topping Barbra Streisand plus featured german lyrics by Mister Santos of Massive Töne fame. If you are already over the original version, you will enjoy this one for sure, it is a certified banger on the dancefloor already! The video is just too good to be left out, also. Btw: All YUM YUM Stuttgart people will know most of the people involved in it!

Free Download: Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Bass ill Euro Remix feat. Mister Santos)

By the way Not:fx and I had a really great time spinning last Saturday. That was bananas. Thanks so much for making it mine! See if you can spot Alex in the video who will be playing with me at 100Meister next month. Very much looking forward to that. From what I heard the opening in Vienna was a blast also but more on that soon in a full review.

Short recap of last YUM YUM

First of all: a big thanks to everybody who showed up. Alex and I had a ball. And from what I heard (and saw) everybody else who was there had one too. Unfortunately we had to turn down a lot of people since the club was packed by 0.15 AM or so… plus the ventilation didn’t work properly for a while. So sorry for that!

Here’s what my iPhone had to say about the queue (0.36 AM):



Boy… that was something. Unfortunately no further pictures of the night. We need a photo scout. Urgently! Anybody? If you took some pictures post them in our group or send them through.

Yours sincerely – http://twitter.com/tandwilliams