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YA-HA! Remix Competition – aaand the winner is…

There have been many submissions and first of all I’d like to thank you all for your giving us a hard time sorting our dropbox. Keep it up! But since this was a competition there can only be one winning track which you’ll find below picked by YA-HA! themselves.

Chanel Cake Foco: Fake Coco Chanel – e-n’s vinyl Gucci bag mix by E-to-tha-N


Go ahead and spread some love for E-to-tha-N from Toronto, Canada!

Also very noteworthy is this fine piece of work delivered by DJ Hotsauce.

Ya-Ha! – Fake Coco Chanel (DJ Hotsauce Remix) by DJ Hotsauce

Both will receive a package containing apparels and music compiled by YA-HA! and chromemusic.de.

PS: If you’d like to get your hands on YA-HA! check their Facebook page. I guess you’ll find all the information that you’re looking for.