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New to Serato?

The guys over at djtechtools.com made a good overall description for all you Djs out there using Serato. Here are a few things, which if you do not already, you must know in Serato

The worlds first iPad DJ: @ranajune

hit her up on twitter @ranajune

She gives it all away anyway, real simple setup.
one thing i know for sure – the idea of djing on touch screens is really nice, but honestly its not gonna happen on any apple os, for all the restrictions they have towards open apps (and no apps werent invented for the iphone – it just means applications and any cpu has them! even your old pantheological 90’s pc). So this is gonna happen but probably on linux or windows – apple won’t even release half the music apps that for example android has to offer – bc they want to secure their itunes market. So Welcome to Apple 2010 – kinda reminiscent of the Microsoft debate we had nearly a decade ago.

Learn how to create your own music and remixes

I recently found an excellent site with a bunch of tutorials covering almost everything necessary when it comes to music production. The blog is ran by music pros plus the tutorials are suited for beginners as well as for experts. The site is called AUDIOTUTS and can be found here.

Here are a few examples:

How to create and dominate Hip-Hop drums (Yaaaawn… yeah… dominate yourself!)

How to record the best live drum set ever

How to DJ with Ableton Live

So go and create your own (as Sony puts it).