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Enchufe – Us Against The World


Norwegians new artist Enchufe with a beautiful song to brighten up your day. “Us Against The World” combines a variety of styles and is in my opinion something in between singer/songwriter Ben Howard and beat/tastemaker Mura Masa and a logical next step in music making. If you like his song give the entire EP “U” a listen on Spotify.

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9 Theory – Beautiful Things EP

9 theory chromemusic

Do you remember the last time you’ve been in nature realising how beautiful this planet we are living on can be? This moment when your mind is still and you just feel blessed without any judgement, needs or desires. Whatever this might be for you – watching your child eating ice cream, the taste of good food or the glitter on water if the sun light crashes on it – aprreciate it and be grateful. Even if it’s just a minute. Stop your mind and make sure to take care of mother earth and all the beautiful things you are surrounded by each and every day. 9 Theory finally released his EP called ‘Beautiful Things’ and it’s the perfect soundtrack for that kind of moments of pure stillness and gratefulness.

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Sara Hartman – Satellite [EP Out Now]

sara hartman chromemusic

‘Satellite‘ is one of the songs of Sara’s first same – named EP that is out now. From the early beginnings we have been a huge fan of Sara and her pure and shining indie charme/music. Make sure to follow her on facebook to not miss any of her live gigs. Get  in the mood for some self-made indie music and join Sara on her journey.
Get the whole EP including ‘Monsters lead me home‘ and ‘Stranger in a roomHERE!

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[Premiere] Mindsight – Last Resort

Mindsight has released his first track off of his upcoming EP ‘Adventure’, which is going to be released within this summer and we’re really looking forward to it. Josh told us, it’s going to be a story based EP and there will be vocals on some tracks too, which makes me even more excited. ‘Last Resort’ is state of the art future bass for your playlists. Have a great day out there!

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