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NEW!!!: facebook.com/chromemusic – Pls Share!

Its done – we salute Barnes & Danny for finishing this nice new Page which we call our home on facebook. The home of YUM YUM and chromemusic is to be found at facebook.com/chromemusic. Go drop us a line!!!

Tell your friends and everyone who is into chromemusic & YUM YUM about our new place!!!! Thank you all for making it happen!! We will keep supplying you with the loveliest & nicest sound around!

We have been all over facebook for quite some time now, we have dozens of groups, a few pages – all the guys involved in YUM YUM have their personal accounts and so forth.. so you see a hub was very much needed. A port that would direct you to the appropriate group in your area! ALSO !! You can follow all chromemusic blog posts directly via facebook¬† when you “like” the page. Go check it out for yourself @ facebook.com/chromemusic

we salute our new home on facebook with this classic tune by the Biz, it still puts a smile on my face everytime i hear it.


Biz Markie – Let Me Turn You On