NEW!!!: – Pls Share!


Its done – we salute Barnes & Danny for finishing this nice new Page which we call our home on facebook. The home of YUM YUM and chromemusic is to be found at Go drop us a line!!!

Tell your friends and everyone who is into chromemusic & YUM YUM about our new place!!!! Thank you all for making it happen!! We will keep supplying you with the loveliest & nicest sound around!

We have been all over facebook for quite some time now, we have dozens of groups, a few pages – all the guys involved in YUM YUM have their personal accounts and so forth.. so you see a hub was very much needed. A port that would direct you to the appropriate group in your area! ALSO !! You can follow all chromemusic blog posts directly via facebook  when you “like” the page. Go check it out for yourself @

we salute our new home on facebook with this classic tune by the Biz, it still puts a smile on my face everytime i hear it.


Biz Markie – Let Me Turn You On