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YA-HA! Remix Competition – aaand the winner is…

There have been many submissions and first of all I’d like to thank you all for your giving us a hard time sorting our dropbox. Keep it up! But since this was a competition there can only be one winning track which you’ll find below picked by YA-HA! themselves.

Chanel Cake Foco: Fake Coco Chanel – e-n’s vinyl Gucci bag mix by E-to-tha-N


Go ahead and spread some love for E-to-tha-N from Toronto, Canada!

Also very noteworthy is this fine piece of work delivered by DJ Hotsauce.

Ya-Ha! – Fake Coco Chanel (DJ Hotsauce Remix) by DJ Hotsauce

Both will receive a package containing apparels and music compiled by YA-HA! and chromemusic.de.

PS: If you’d like to get your hands on YA-HA! check their Facebook page. I guess you’ll find all the information that you’re looking for.

YA-HA! remix competition


Our dear friends Jana & Schu supplied us with some stems of their new tune called Fake Coco Chanel which you can find over here at soundcloud.com. The idea is quite the same as it was when we gave away the Oasis Wonderwall acapella over a year ago. We deliver the stems you send us your remix. We’re quite eager what you guys have in store since the response as well as the outcome was really amazing last time. The competition will be open till the end of January so there won’t be no hurry at all!

Please send your remixes to dropbox@chromemusic.de or use our dropbox over at SoundCloud. Really looking forward to the remixes so keep’ em coming!

Ps: Oh, of course there is a reward in store but more on that later.

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