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File not Found #5 – Erykah Badu & Latifah, Angie Stone “Love of my Life Remix”

Lost & Found – thought of the remix, didnt have it digital, just on vinyl, but then i remembered that i was all up on the original as well, so here is the video of the original one and the much played remix by …basically everyone.


Erykah Badu – Funk You Up (Love of my life) – Remix Featuring Queen Latifah Angie Stone Bahamadia

Ps – Here is the Acapella version – you might come up with a great remix that i can feature here on my site… Appreciated!

erykah_badu_ft._common-love_of_my_life- acapella

FileNotFound #1 : Common “I am Music”

“Whats FNF or “FileNotFound” about? A new segment on the block/blog of older 12″, singles, tunes  & vinyls that i used to rock, play out, listen to, eat pizza on and that i still thoroughly enjoy. If a certain tune comes into mind that i do not have in digital format but on vinyl i will swim the 7 seas and search the webs for it until the file is found and share that tune with you.

And every week i am gonna bring you a new one. The first ones Common & Jill Scotts upbeat, jazzy, swing sounding tune “I am Music” from around 2003 if i recall right. Too bad the 12″ was a white label, so heres Commons “Electric Circus” album cover.


Common ft Jill Scott “i am Music”

ps. A lot of ÜBER-Twelves used to be white labels so the pictures not gonna be precise and no nerding around, snapping pics of mint conditioned record sleeves, k?