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For You by GEO

A bit trippy and that’s what we like over here. Imagine we were on holiday and had some shrooms on us, and we were so caught up in our work, our daily worries, and in over-thinking and over-talking things for the first 2 weeks out of 3… that we forgot to eat them. Shame, but that’s not bound to happen anytime soon again. It’s how you feel after having done everything to follow that feel. I need the shrooms soon though to look and see who is next to me. Metaphysically.

I like that this sweet zeitgeisty¬†production has some serious depth to it. Probably wouldn’t listen t it on shrooms, but a perfect kick back n relax tune for many occasions, and i dig how organic it sounds although it is a electronic tune with a soulful layer.

Rockin Wednesday #11 – Manfred Manns Earth Band

Rockin Wednesday #11 - Manfred Mans Earth Band

Today Rockin Wednesday features the mighty Manfred Manns Earth Band. All the infos over here


Blinded By The Light (Ext.Version)


Davy’s On The Road Again


For You


Spirits In The Night