Tag: future pop

Alexandra Fresquez- Deep End

Outstanding and heavy pop anthem by a lady i never heard of before, but telling from her 1st release she could be among the pop elite. Absolutely nails the Zeitgeist, more commercially and pop music oriented but we deal in quality, and not in genres. This here is top shelf and i guess this is one of those long tail tunes, that builds up steam over time and then goes on to conquer it all, or latest with the follow up releases.

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Before U Go (ft. Lauren Marie) by Tyzo Bloom

Solid pop tune, with a bit of a future feel by newcomer Tyzo Bloom. Good beat production and non stressful slow future bass laden electronic groove. His production sounds fresh although that style -the no more en vogue chopped/pitched vocal interplay – has been exploited to the death in 2017. Tyzo still manages to make his tune sound very very fresh. Good effort man!

Heartless – Fire & Ice by Heartless

By now i am so super tired and almost feel SJW like insulted personally by pitched chopped voices and that whole style, but then again every now and then along comes a tune, in this case, a regular pop tune, that simplifies it back to normal again, and makes it likeable on a pure musical level. Welcome Heartless.

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