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Phoebe Ryan – Mine (DOCO Paradøx) ||| Phoebe Ryan – Dead


The equivalent of a Neptunes (NERD/Pharrell) tune of the 00’s is this DOCO rework. Why? Hard hitting and chopped sounding sample – Check! Reworking of a talented white pop singer – Check! Making said white bwoy (gul) pop star sound bearable to the urban demographics (i apologize black people) and at the same time, making it sound cooler bc of said urban demographic twist and turn on the remix – Check! Using zeitgeisty soundboards of a popular style/genre w/o going to deep into said style (in this case twerk/trap) – Check!

Yep we got a hit on our hands – that i really like. Not a guilty pleasure – that’s reserved for you critics – but a legitimate prime time tune! Djs need to grab this here.

To put it into the words of my old school partner and rhyming machine Kamillion (a proper G from LA): “This bitch bound ta blow up.” Another killer tune from Phoebe Ryan: