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this Saturday: YUM YUM Innsbruck feat. Special Guest

This week it is going down!
We have a special guest we’ve been waiting for since November 2009 when he had to cancel due to sickness. Flip, producer and MC of famous Austrian HipHop crew Texta, who just released his first solo album after 17 (!!!) years in the business, called “Umberto Ghetto” (also his alias).
You should definitely check out this release!
Host of the evening again is local Wax Wrecka DJ Busy Fingaz.

Since this is our last YUM YUM party in Innsbruck for the next few months (we’re having a little summer break) we are looking forward and are hyped to see everyone of you putting it down on the dancefloor.

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Santigold-L.E.S.-Artistes-Death-to-the-Throne-Remix.mp3″ title=”Santigold – L.E.S. Artistes (Death to the Throne Remix)” graphical=”true”]
Santigold – L.E.S. Artistes (Death to the Throne Remix)

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Skero-Der-Nino-Aus-Wien-Imma-No-Oasch-Mr.-Urbs-Adoptivmix.mp3″ title=”Skero (der Nino aus Wien) – Imma No Oasch (Mr. Urbs Adoptivmix)” graphical=”true”]
Skero (der Nino aus Wien) – Imma No Oasch (Mr. Urbs Adoptivmix)

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YUM YUM Innsbruck this Saturday

Guess what!
This Saturday the penultimate YUM YUM party in Innsbruck before the big summer break goes off!
Starring DJs of this week will be our known host DJ Fu (Wax Wreckaz) and our dear friend Not:FX from Munich.
Both of ’em gonna support your good mood with danceable party vibes.
We’d be happy to see all of you on Saturday at the Blue Chip Club!

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Check out one of our favorite music clips right now:

This Saturday: YUM YUM Innsbruck

Carnival’s over but some of us still have holidays, semester break, just weekend or whatever. Perfect timing to party with the weather being contrary like it is.

After YUM YUM celebrating one year jubilee in Innsbruck, we are starting off into the second year with our dear friend Dan Gerous from Munich supporting local highness Busy Fingaz!
Already been in Innsbruck and used to our parties he is estimating high class celebrations!

So get your fancy dance shoes and step on the floor to party with us tonight at the Blue Chip.

Here’s our tune for tonight:
Tommy Sparks – She’s Got Me Dancing
(Search for the dancefloor version of it here on our blog!)

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YUM YUM Innsbruck Birthday Special

Some time ago some people from Innsbruck addicted to music, calling themselves Wax Wreckaz, decided to organize their own YUM YUM party.
They started out one year ago in January 2009 at the Blue Chip Club.
YUM YUM Innsbruck is still out there and getting bigger and bigger with each party.
And because we wouldn’t have the fun we have without all you party people we want to give a big shout out to all of you and say Thank You with a big party.
This Saturday we celebrate one year YUM YUM Innsbruck and 26 years DJ Busy Fingaz at the Blue Chip Club!
On the spinning wheels of YUM YUM sound the Wax Wreckaz Soundsystem featuring DJ Busy Fingaz himself, DJ Fu, DJ Juwee and Sensay is ready to rock your world!

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YUM YUM Innsbruck this Saturday @ Blue Chip Club with Kamikaze & Busy Fingaz

YUM YUM Innsbruck Dezember 2009

Christmas time is coming and we got a special christmas present for all of you.
This week DJ Kamikaze from Shanghai, China will be coming to Innsbruck to blow your minds. Supported by our all time favorite DJ Busy Fingaz we gonna rock the dancefloor.
Come and join us, show your latest dance moves and party with us into christmas time!

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Let the season begin! YUM YUM Innsbruck, October 3rd

YUM YUM Innsbruck Oktober

Get ready for Autumn dear friends!
Everyone coming back to town, getting ready for new semester and enjoying the various film crew parties all over town…
To celebrate new season with YUM YUM we have a very special for you this October!!!
Prepare for our founding father and head of all YUM YUM Parties: after 9 months YUM YUM Innsbruck DJ Chrome himself is coming to our beloved Innsbruck!
So let’s show Chrome what Innsbruck and the Blue Chip are all about and smash a party that won’t be forgotten that soon!

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