YUM YUM Summer Mix # 4 [hot summer nights cool down] a little bit compiled & mixed by chrome

We did four short live mixes in July for our Newsletter recipients. Actually only the ones getting our Party Newsletters – but we are sending one out this week [August 1st] to all chromemusic Newsletter recipients, including all 4 Mixtapes and a few new YUM YUM songs. Anyways, the first 3 were short live mixtapes. They were nice, and a breath of fresh air for everyones ipod, but not regular YUM YUM Mixtapes. Still on the party vibe but they had a bit of a different feel to it – intentionally, so i decided to make the 4th one completly different. And twice as long. Simply cause there is so much music out there [we featured most of it on chromemusic] that people still haven’t heard of. I compiled some of our recent favourites and put them into a mellowed out mix for a real hot summer nights. Not a Sweet Serenade, quite different but still with that special feel to it. You’ll know what i mean when you hear it. Ps there is a regular new YUM YUM Mixtape  [Vol. 12] coming after the Summer. Enjoy these sweet summer nights.

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YUM YUM Summer Mix # 4 [hot summer nights edition]


Aalyiah – Try Again (a rare approvable remix, that is not an insult to the original)

Nice & smooth Aaliyah remix by ITFW – really having a hard time these days, even attempting to listen to a remix of one of these classic soul/ hip hop tunes that get slaughtered regularly by too many bedroom djs and that whole awful mashup scene. No, Aaliyah and Daft Punk dont mix, morons! Anyway Try again has been and still is (like most of her stuff) all time classic material, minus the remixes, except that 45 king remix that was on the original 12″. This remix really lifts it up to a chill 2011 spirit, that is so much lacking these days, and is in complete contrast to the original – which was a global floor killer. Sounds a bit like the Lunice material, not as musical though, but compatible from educated hiphop to irony misunderstanding hipster.

Another gret find by chromemusic head contributor: Shawn C. White!

Try Again (ITFW Remix) by ITFW