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The Movits!

The Movits! are a southern jazz / swing horn-ensemble / big band form Sweden of all places, that i have found out about just yesterday, thx to our YUM YUM top tunes group on facebook – and their music has a great uplifting feel and a slight bizarre touch not least bc of their swedish vocals. Perfect fun filled music, just the kind of sound we call YUM YUM music over here. The guys have two Albums out so far, one from 2008 and one from this year and after listening to both yesterday night, i cannot make up my mind which one to recommand more. Here are two excerts – one from each album + a video so that you get a picture of their swinging goofiness. Ps They have even played on the Colbert Report before.


Movits! – Fel del av garden (2008)


Movits! – Vad Dom Än Säger (2011)

The Hackney Colliery Band drops their AMAZING debut album!

Hands down, this is what i have been waiting for! For all you horn addicts, these guys really make me enjoy the whole lot of their tunes! Finally they drop their debut album on the überawesome WahWah 45s Label – and EVERY song is great!

Pls suport these guys and their great debut record by buying their album right here . I got mine right away, really a fanboy over here. Might even do a second remix to one of their tunes, but w/o a free download. Even though i think our Africa (YUM YUM remix) elevated them to at least becoming known within the german scene. Support these guys, their genuine great compositions and a few greatly reinterpreted cover versions.

Hackney Colliery Band: facebook / bandcamp 
WahWah 45 records official bandcamp / facebook

Here is their debut album as bandcamp stream:

The Hackney Colliery Band are:

Cath Roberts – Alto/baritone sax
Tom Ward – Tenor sax
Steve Pretty – Trumpet/Melodica
Nick Ashwood – Trumpet/Flugel Horn
Dave Odams – Trombone/Superbone
Jonathan Sweeney – Trombone
Magnus Dearness – Trombone
Jeff Miller – Sousaphone
Olly Blackman – Bass drum and paraphernalia
Luke Christie – Snare drum and shenanigans

“Ain’t My Fault” Gulf Aid Allstars aka Mos Def & Co (Nickodemus & PJT’s REMIX)

Nice remix of the Gulf Aid Allstars aka Mos Def, Lenny Kravitz, the Preservation Hall Band, Trombone Shorty, and Tim Robbins, the remix would have even worked up a proper storm w/o the oldschool drums and some moombahton or latin drumming, but it flawlessly manages to keep the vibe of the original track and is therefore a really solid refix. Great original in the first place and i just love playing this jam. Mos Def can do anything and i guess i’d like it, oh wait…he does anything and i do like his stuff.

“Ain’t My Fault” Gulf Aid Allstars (Nickodemus & PJT’s REMIX) by NickodemusNYC

in case you missed Mos Defs History video ft Talib, like i did, here you go:

Moloko – Sing it back (can7 1930s remix)

This is great interpretation of the Uber famous Moloko classic and its a song for all the people i know, that always complain about how it used to be better, that constantly talk about the good old days. First of i see young people, i mean real kids talking about the good old days…WTF? Well i got news for you… its all in your mind. Sure your body gets older, it accumulates wisdom & experineces as the mind does and you have an incredible privilege of seeing it all, of living it all – you have just grown tired of the your daily routines, had similar experiences over and over, you have become quick to judge on everything and that prevents you from seeing and experiencing every given moment. And then you complain, about the world instead of changing it within yourself. Well i like this song and if you intend to bring it back, you have to start with your own self and nobody else. Ps this is a great, great piano version, and something thats perfect to play when breaking down, not the music but the mood of the dance. Did it last weekend – people loved it… ah those were the days.. hahahaha


Moloko – Sing it Back (can7 1930s remix)


Moloko – Sing It Back