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Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues” (Pete Rock Rmx)

Always a favourite among the YUM YUM crowd was anything by Johnny Cash. Even did some mixes of him 8 years ago when one of his last official Albums came out, before it was real cool to cross genres like it is common now (thank god). I’ll look those two remixes of ours up and post it when i find them. This one is a decent Pete Rock Rmx for the Legend. Play it in the early hours and whenever you feel like hearing some good music. “But i shot a man in Reno just to watch him die…”

found via yumbrella.net



Dujeous “So chill/ Wintertime”

Another nice Hiphop tune, sampling my favourite – the Steve Miller Band – and using the samples in a high pitched balloon voice just like Jigga and the early Knaye used to do, getting away with it. Nice tune, all about the sample as so often in Hip Hop. Although Dujeous has a good sense and style of what tracks to pick and sample. Well done track.



found via yumbrella.net