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New YUM YUM version: Rumble in the Jungle [chromes Ready or Not Rmx]

Here is a rare tune that i came across when dusting off my records – had to remix it. The Fugees in their prime made this tune with Tribe & Busta for the OST of “When we were Kings”. An amazing movie about Muhammed Alis Rumble in the Jungle fight vs George Forman that took place in Zaire in 1974.  A tune everybody forgot about, the verses are excellent as a posse cut should be, but i guess they recorded everybody with a different mic, so the vocals all sound different – and i would have taken Lauryns amazing hook too [Send me an Angel] if it would have been included on the Acapella. Too bad, but we laced it with a new beat and new melody and Mama-friendly hook with the vocals of Reggae Legend Johnny Osbourne who covered the Delfonics “Ready or Not” tune in 1972, same as the Fugees did 23 years later. Johnny Osbourne, Muhammed Ali, heroes of the 70ies meet the heroes of the 90ies Fugees, Tribe, Busta all in a mix from 2012.

[Imma play me some Soul music, man] *Ps for the Instrumental go here

Production: chrome /// Keys: Coco /// Bass: Tony Latterman /// Cover: bklyn

CHLLNGR – Truths and Rights

“Render your arms and not your garments, The truth is there for who have eyes to see,
All charity has no place in this judgement, Remember the words of prophecy”

Also Rec celebrates its 5th release with this great cover version of Johnny Osbournes all time classic “Truths and Rights”. get it via bandcamp. count me a fan :) Here is the original version. lvov.natashaescort.com


Johnny Osbourne – Truths And Rights