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last YUM YUM Berlin in 2009 this Saturday ∆ Picknick

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This is it folks the place to be this Saturday if you are anywhere near and in Berlin – and if you dont know this spot – don’t bother. Here are some tunes and edits that fit the YUM YUM sound in Berlin, hand selected by my man Schowi. The Flyers simply nice. Its the YUM YUM Berlin 1 year anniversary, cause thats about the time when we officially landed, even though we have been around – but with a city like Berlin – you need to time and play it all right and if not well you are mediocre or less in a matter of days – thats why this is another fine selected setup. Really looking forward to this joint.

Ps the lineup is like a who is who of the people who define the city these days. incl main lady Palina Power, One of the Sick Girls, Bianca Checker and so on – these ladies know to throw a proper party and are pure eye candy besides being (street)smart. Simply peoples i like having dinner with. just lovely – RSVP to the party on Facebook


Green Velvet feat. Ying Yang Twins & Kid Sister – Everybody Wants To Whisper (Bass ill Euro Blend)


Hot Chip feat. Pitbull – Shake It Over And Over (Diplo Blend)


Hot Chip – One Life Stand


Vampire Weekend feat. Kid Cudi – Cudderisback

Crookers this Friday pt II


Here is the 2nd part – Crookers this Friday @ Theaterfabrik with Birdy Nam Nam, alongside the acid kids and myself. Check out the discogs list of the Crookers to see what these two have produced in such a short amount of time. Truly outstanding.

Here are two classic tracks from these dudes – actually both are productions for or with other artists:


The first one is the second work they have done with US phenomena Kid Cudi called “Embrace The Martian (Feat. KiD CuDi)“. Their first work being “Day n Night (Crookers Rmx)”, which elevated both these artists to a different plateau and made them a household name throughout the dance scene globally and even managed to top the UK charts some 20 months ago.

The 2nd tune being:


Let_Me_Back_Up- Don Rimini (Crookers_Remix)

This most have been the most played Crookers track in 2008. I still love this tune and cant get it outta my head. Like the perfect soundtrack to a cool Robocalypse movie.

next YUM YUM in Munich Sat October 31st @ Stroke

YES, this one is taking place on Saturday October 31st at  Stroke – the Urban Art Fair (check their website for all infos on the exhibition) – how to get there via google maps. Beneath our Artwork you will find a couple of Artimpressions that i have lifted straight from their site.

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Here are some of the Artists:




For more Impressions & Artists go here

More on this exhibition next week


kid cudi “makehersay” sammy bananas

Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon: The End of the Day Album


Finally Cudis album drops. Not that albums are really state of the art in the digital age of a accelerating informational flow, but this ones worth mentioning and like Cudi says himself on the album – its different – not only from the general hiphop material – but somehow different. And for all of you who havent followed Cudis rmx, features and many, many appearances all over – not only the interwens and blogland – this is a perfect introduction to him. His two biggest hits are on here – Poke here face (sampling the accoustic lady gaga version) and of course Day & Night. We all got up on Cudi some time ago when the Day and Night original dropped, the pre Crookers Rmx, and everybody was up on it – humming and singing the lonely stoner anthem. Then of course that rmx elevated it to pop-cult status and even went into the pop charts. The only, dare i say, “Rapper” respected and featured by all scenes alike – and thats what we want these days. No limiatations and boundaries as to what your music is. So this LP comes recommended probably by everyone – not just by me – bc its one of the few albums worth buying and listening to as a whole. And you know i never supported the idea of albums.


02 Soundtrack 2 My Life