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Yum Yum Leicester, Sat 21st Feb

Title: Yum Yum Leicester
Location: Superfly, Leicester, UK
Description: First Yum Yum UK date!
Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2009-02-21

Kicking off Yum Yum UK in fine style will be our man Medley alongside DJ Not:FX (Yum Yum munich) who will be flying in to make sure us Brits tow the party line! We’re all looking forward to Yum Yum’s latest chapter in one of the sweetest spots in the land, Superfly, and we hope to see you down there. In the meantime please get a taste of what you’re in for on the 21st Feb by checking out mixes from Medley and Not:FX. For more info on Superfly, please check out the website here (link – http://www.superfly-city.com)

Ps check this months YUM YUM top tunes, and here is Februaries No 1 spot.