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#Premiere: KYTES – I Got Something (The Revenge Remix) @Spotify

KYTES Chromemusic
Keeping up the momentum from last year, KYTES are still in the fast lane and not only loved by the indie-scene. With their strong danceable beats, catchy guitar riffs and electronic sound beds they also made it over to this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) and impressed the heads of marketing of Vodafone, who chose „On The Run” to be the titel song of the new Vodafone CallYa Campaign.

Back from the USA, KYTES were launching their third single „I GOT SOMETHING“ on 29th April 2016.With „I GOT SOMETHING“ KYTES are creating a positive feeling, which takes the listener away. The Song deals with the human existence and compares life to gambling: it doesn’t lie in one’s own hands where and how one is born and bred, it’s more like a russian roulette. But the passage „I got something you should try“ also stresses the point that it is necessary to look ahead in life and it´s important to take the leap and try something new.

After the official first remix of the single done by Robot Koch they are additionally delivering a strong electro remix of Scottish producer Graeme Clark aka The Revenge now.

Revenge chromemusic

The Revenge is known for his innovative, progressive style and composition and has already released on an abundance of illustrious labels as DFA, Pokerflat, Dirt Crew, Needwant and his former imprint the much admired Intruments Of Rapture. In 2015 he released his long-awaited debut album „Love That Will Not Die“ on his imprint Roar Groove“, 2016 he came out with a special two-part EP „Intimitate Connection“. The Revenge has a strong reputation for deep, dark, and twisted killer DJ Sets. Wether home as a firm favourite at Glasgow’s iconic Sub Club or away, be it Tresor (Berlin), Space (Ibiza), Lola Club (Shangai) or Panther Room (NYC).

Enjoy his nice tripped-out-slo-mo-house version of the single „I GOT SOMETHING“ on Spotify and make sure to grab a copy on Itunes.

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KYTES is gonna leave you with a good feelin’. “I Got Something” is their new single that has been on repeat in our earbuds. With a distinct pattern throughout, this single is destined for some radio play.

We got the opportunity to sit down with these four gentlemen of the road and grilled them about touring, their new single, and eating in the US.

1) How did you link up with Robert Koch?

We first linked up via our label and publisher. They connected us. We then met Robert at SXSW. We played at the same venue and really enjoyed his set.

During SXSW, we hung out a lot and had some great conversations, he’s such a chill guy!

2) You are all about to go on tour in Germany, what has previous tour experiences taught you? How do you all prepare for a multi-month tour?

We played our first tour in October / November 2015, touring is definitely one of the coolest things you get to do as a band. Playing our own songs in front of all these different people night after night is just great. It’s the reason why we do music.

Touring taught us to always play with 100% energy – no matter if it’s in front of 1,000 people or 10.

Being on the road for a long time can be a little rough, it helps a lot that we’re not only band members but best friends. Preparing for a multi month tour is rehearsing a lot obviously, we are also adjusted our live-set for our upcoming tour. We’re really stoked about bringing our own stage setting for the festivals this summer.

We had the chance to work with this really cool dude, called Clemens von Löffelholz who will design human sized KYTES letters and unique colour banners.

3) Where does your inspiration come from in writing and composing a song?

Inspiration comes in a lot of different ways. Of course it’s music in general and artists we love.

We like to mix inspirations out of different genres. So, for example, we have this verse which is pretty indie and for the chorus we think: “Ok how would Major Lazer do this chorus?”

It’s fun to blend genres and to break musical boundaries.

Lyrics wise, it’s lots of stuff we experience ourselves, stories, poems, fantasies and dreams.

4) What should we be listening to?

Foals – Rain
Röyksopp – So Easy
Mura Masa – Lovesick
Little Comets – Bridge Burn
Yates – Mercury
Woman – Psychedelic Lover
M83 – Bibi The Dog 

5) What was it like to play at SXSW? A bigger question remains – what food did you enjoy and what are you looking forward to eating again when back in the US? Any plans to come back and play here? 

We definitely want to come back as soon as possible! Playing at SXSW was great, the people were really into new music. At our last showcase, at Esther’s Follies, people began to dance after our first song and danced through the entire show, it was magical!


We experienced the best Thai food ever in LA at the Night Market in West Hollywood. We have to come back if it’s only for the food!

The same with Sushi in San Diego. And we had an amazing burger at Hodads in San Diego. Also some really great Mexican Food!!!

6) What are a couple singles we should be on the look-out when the album comes out? 

Of course, our current single “I Got Something.”

Also a brand new track called “Head To Toe.” We’re really looking forward to the feedback, the songs all have their own style in a way and we can’t predict which songs are going to be your favourites.

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KYTES – I Got Something [+ Robot Koch Remix]

kytes chromemusic

“I Got Something” for you. A self made story about success by KYTES and some home town support by us:

There’s a lot to tell you when it comes to KYTES – started in 2015 KYTES already had tremendous success with their first 2 singles and their debut EP called “On The Run” back last year. Having several high chart placements here in Germany, a couple of nominees, awards and even a big deal with Vodafone in luggage they went over to play live @SXSW recently. Back in Germany KYTES are going to release their 3rd single “I Got Something” including the remix by the award winning producer and composer Robot Koch. With their strong danceable beats, catchy guitar riffs and electronic sound beds they keep up the momentum from last year and aren’t only loved by the indie-scene. Listening to KYTES gives you this lovely feeling of endless summer nights with friends and barbecue, cold drinks and some vibrational heat by dancing the sh** out of you!

Make sure to grab your package even before the official release HERE.

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