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Lions Head “Begging” First Official Video!

We have been a lively supporter of Lions Head ever since we first heard their first release “Begging”. It was pretty clear that they were gonna blow up really soon with the ear candy they had to offer. So it comes as no surprise that their first official video had to be eye candy. Enjoy it, it’s a soothing piece of video that’s pretty much in tune with the zeitgeisty look and feel of the web and reminds a bit of the intro trailer to True Detective. I got told in their mail, that the video was done on the down low – and that’s just mind-blowing, consiering the quality! Enjoy the video. This song to me is literally #summer2015 . Well done Iggy & Philip.

Lions Head – Begging (Official Music Video) from Tanz Dich Glücklich on Vimeo.