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Mack Main ft Cee lo “Groundhog Day”

Nice lil double time tune, if anyone can help me out with a good version… that would be much appreciated. too bad i only found this good quality version since its filled with dj drops. i know its taken from the mack maine mixtape, but these drops are not on the mixtape. anyway – pls help me out with a (at least) 192 kbit version and NO dj shouts in the song. thats so lame…. makes me rethink this whole post…

good tune, nonetheless.


Mack Maine – Groundhog Day feat Mayday, Ghostwridah & Cee-Lo

YUM YUM top tunes november


Remember, remember the 5th of november. Hope you enjoy my new soul sister version of Common & Allen Toussaint. The full & finished version online on Monday. Ps Don’t forget this November marks the start of YUM YUM Vienna & YUM YUM Cologne. Help spread the word and enjoy this months YUM YUM top tunes


Common & Allen Toussaint “Soul Sister” (chromes 5th of November YUM YUM version)


Kenyatta Fire “Like A Gipsy”


K. Sparks “Black Magic” ft Ahmad


Sexion d’assaut “Désolé”


DaVille – “Hey Now”


Florence & The Machine ft. Kid Harpoon – “I’m Goin’ Down“


Mack Maine – “Groundhog Day” feat Mayday, Ghostwridah & Cee-Lo Green


Kid Cudi “Scott Mescudi vs the World”


Jolly Boys “Blue Monday” (New Order Cover)


Nas, Damien Marley, M.I.A. & Rye Rye “As We Bang” (Ruben x)


The Beautiful Girls “After All This Time”