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CYN – Something


There are times and moments when you totally loose your inner self. Even if you feel settled in your mind, if you actually had the clearest ideas of how something has to be and how the outer world has to turn and move. Maybe you know the feeling of being aware of your patterns and bad habits and even you think you already know so much about yourself and the people you see everyday…even then scary moments exist. Or better said – moments when you get scared by yourself. Maybe scared is the wrong term but you get surprised by your patterns that are always all around you and it seems like they are just waiting to get back control.
So what to do? Nothing :) Just watch yourself, be quiet, slow down and listen to this sweet song. Just now you realize how great life can be. Lying next to your loved one, the sun is your early morning call. Looking outside your window and over night someone just coloured all the trees. Press play, what do you see?

P.S.: Thank you for sharing ALL this moments with me. And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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