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DON’T forget last years “Detune” by KALEIDA

My favorite act for the past 2 years. Get with Kaleida.

Detune is right in so many ways when rational thought is now censored and punished, not only anymore by some self righteous hate preachers disguised as agents of love and tolerance on youtube, but also what Google did yesterday, by firing their employee, who just exposed their double standard agenda, that is super disconnected with the touch base reality and lives of ordinary people.

It’ll Never Be This Good by Eugene Marie

Don’t they just look like 2 magicians from a follow up show to Arrested Development? You will love this tune, it has a lost feel of times long gone by. I welcome this very very much. One of my favourites this week. And if u take a look at their visuals, covers and “artwork” it’s never trying to do very obvious and totally unnecessary brand building, they are humans first. They call themselves a pop duo, i’d say that’s only halfway true, they are good enough to be ultra popular and have a real mass appeal, but have too much class to be associated with what pop music stands for atm. Welcome Eugene Marie. I hear & enjoy your passion, hard work, fun and the sonic remedy you offer ;)

River – Worry (feat. Osmo)

Strong chill track from the La Belle Musique camp. Since YouTube is getting sanier and sanier, and the plays are decreasing uncontrollably seems like every channel is becoming a label these days. Does not make too much sense if you ask me, but it’s an opportunity to snatch talent that offers itself to these channels for exposure. I think La Belle M is a bit different, they have always held on to their unique style, that is super conform with our blogs taste. They have their look and are faring well as i can tell, this track that they released is just another proof that they are doing well and are headed the right way.

Sonny Step & TyC – Still Believe In Love

Great effort, in the best Boys II Men manner.

Blending hi-fi pop with a soulful rnb aesthetic, Still Believe In Love has an intricate yet organic drum track under a melting pot of masterful synth work. Setting the stage for Sonny to give a dynamic and moving vocal performance. This power ballad combines hifi sound with a Sonny’s retro-60’s aesthetic, and is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic !