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Oh Wonder – All We Do (LYAR Remix)

Very calm and melodic remix of Oh Wonder’s All We Do by german duo LYAR. It’s by far their strongest remix, even though good old producer me, could go into minor details like the rim snare that’s a bit too much or how people will label the keys as tropical, even though they are not, but all in all this is definitely one of the strongest mixes of any Oh Wonder song and it does the tune just, by keeping and partly even enhancing “All we do’s” overall feel and emotional key.  This should be repackaged and released as an original tune, and it could do wonders for Oh Wonder and build a new kind of momentum, that has kind of decreased after their monthly releases came to a halt.

Enjoy this little beauty, let it infuse you with reveries and have a great day.

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Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sonnengruss Remix) [Free DL]

Another new (but actually old) offering from new favourite act Sonnengruss. We are still overwhelmed by ‘Day & Night‘, which held #1 on The Hype Machine for several days and that’s pretty darn awesome for a newcomer. Although not an official follow-up, since it’s an old mix of theirs, Lisa Mitchell’s beautiful ‘Neapolitan Dreams’ got it’s 2014 remix, and it got released on soundcloud a year later. This is what they said about it:

“This remix was originally scheduled for release last year (Sept 2014). It will finally see the light of day at the end of this year.”

Make sure to grab your free download: https://www.hive.co/l/2z1p

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Kafka Tamura – No Hope (Winterkind Remix)

kafka tamura winterkind remix chromemusic

The Kafka Tamura identity is clearly as resonant on stage as it is on record, with Emma’s voice carefully weaving between sharp beats and raw electronics.

Well often all it takes is a remix to get noted in the digital world. I never heard of Kafka Tamura before, but i am sure to check them out now, since this remix delivers all the right emotional feels & state of the art production that i am looking for in music nowadays. The original song is a beautiful tune, but in the world of streams, notifications, nanoseconds ADD audiences i guess this ‘compressed’ remix is all it takes for me to a) want to know about a band and b) want to see them live. Right in the feels man (ooompph) and surely much appreciated here at ChromeMusic. Cop it via iTunes or follow the band via the links below… Ps i sure hope this is just a start.

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