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The Apple Scruffs – Soundcloud Edit Masters

These guys have just recently surfaced on Soundcloud (a few months back) and already have an enormous popularity and following, and all these guys cant be wrong. These guys must have been around for quite some time now with them only making edits of some of the nicest soul, funk, boogie, rock and disco gems and their blog scracthNsniff sporting a packed classic record rack, much like some of mine – which is only cool for vinyl nerds and collectors, so i guess they know their turf. They have a total of 38 edits so far up on Soundcloud and there are new ones coming weekly. Enjoy the tunes, and even if you know most of them – some are real digger items but mostly they are very well done, basic and true to the original but thats how i like my classics. Dap the Apple Scruffs on

Apple Scruffs / Website/Blog / Mixcloud / Soundcloud

Here are some of my favourites – ps i really havent checked out all 38 of them.

Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

Unemployed – Funky Thing (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

William Bell – Never Like This Before (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

Millie Jackson – My Man Is A Sweet Man (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

John Lennon – Instant Karma! (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson – Say Say Say (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

chromemusic pres. Aloe Blacc & Band live in Munich

After Mayer Hawthorne came over to make the munich’s soul stepper community go wild, der Kongress (aka Registratur) & chromemusic managed to get Aloe Blacc into Puerto Giesing this autumn. “I need a dollar” THE soul-summer-track 2010 and title song to the HBO series “How to make it in America” made him to a well known name and honorable representative of the Stones Throw label. Everybody is invited to have a great time with us and especially of course those who want to share this special soulful Aloe Blacc feeling of the everyday struggle at Munich’s exceptional harbor.

RSVP to the event on Facebook & find Aloe Blacc on twitter & facebook

Because of the three weeks Oktoberfest we decided to let the pre-selling star earlier. Tickets are limitted so go get your early birds before you spend all your money on beer and pretzls!

For tickets go to these fine Resellers: muenchenticket.de & ticketsonline.de


Chrome’s very own Wu-Tang x Aloe Blacc remix of this song:

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/i-need-a-dollar-chrome-remix.mp3|titles=Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang – I need a dollar (chrome remix)]
Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang – I need a dollar (chrome remix)




MJ is dead, and we all have outed ourselves as MJ fans all over the world. It had and probably still has all the news media on lock – through and through. Just check the webs, facebook and twitter. We all remember growing up to his tunes, whether it was the Jackson 5, Disco Mike, the Thriller era, the Bad era or even the 90ies MJ. While people are mourning his death all over the world i think they should rather be reminded not of their own mortality but of the many good music he has given and be thankful for that. Instead it just shows how everybody is trying to make profit of his death and how we, in western culture, are completely uncapable of coping wih death in general. We run from it all our life and we fear it, and when bigger than life images die or disappear – that goes for persons, countries or any other accepted public concept/image – we lose some sense of self, or see our image of ourself threatened and start mourning. That shows how much we let ourselves be defined and manipulated by outside influences. We are not merely the sum of accumulated memories and experiences. Where is the divine?

MJ has given us some good memories, but they are all memories and they are dead the moment they pass us, so we should drop them instantly, while enjoying life and maybe hearing some of his great music in our mind. Enjoy

MJ folky Cover versions:


Ben Gibbard-thriller-cover


Glenn Case “human nature”


Kesang Marstrand “say say”

nice MJ Rmxs:


i-want-you-back-motorpitch-remix (our YUM YUM Vienna producer and crew member)