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#ChromeSelects: Mat McHugh


Taking it easy today with Mat McHugh’s new album “Waves” that we giddily downloaded for free. Below, we interviewed this avid surfer about pre-meal rituals, the creative process behind the album, and if he can break it down.

1) What artists do you draw on for your influence?

Oh man, that list is too big. I get inspired by creative energy in any form. I can be inspired to write a song by eating a beautiful meal, reading a great book or looking at an amazing building. Humans can do great things and I just want to try and contribute my own creativity in the way I can express it best.

2) What is it like releasing an album independently vs. with a major label?

I’ve always been an independent artist. It’s very important to me to have creative control over all the aspects of my art. It all has to have meaning and everything needs to come from the same motivation. The minute that art feels like a ‘product’ is when I lose interest.

3) Tell us about your creative process behind “Waves.” It’s tough to fit into a genre.

Like all my albums, I make them in my home studio. I play all the instruments and produce all the tracks. I love all aspects of it. I like the songwriting element where you sit at an instrument and come up with harmony and melody and lyrics. I also really love sound design and coming up with sounds that have never existed before. A lot of the things that sounds like synths on the album are actually samples that I have manipulated to become their own thing.

4) The first single, “All I Ever Wanted” takes us through an intense dream. Did this dream reflect real life?

For me, the line between dreaming and ‘real life’ is really blurred. I live between worlds.

5) What’s the collaboration process between you and The Beautiful Girls?

The Beautiful Girls is just another name I release my music under. It’s a different lineup live. More influenced by soul music and digital dancehall. Some records are Mat McHugh and some are TBG but, essentially, they’re all me.

6) Could you bust a move like the dancers in “Dancehall Days?”

Oh yeah for sure. Way better hahaha.

7) What do you eat before a performance?

I eat the ice in a single malt scotch whiskey.

8) What do you do to unwind?

I live on the beach so all of my spare time, of which there isn’t much at the moment, is spent there either in water or right beside it.

9) What is your favorite sport to play?

I grew up surfing since I was 5 years old. Before and after school every day of my life. If I had to choose between music and surfing, then surfing wins.

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Sonnengruss feat Matt Kovac “Day & Night” (Deep Chills Remix)

Sonnengruss ft Matt Kovac - Day & Night (Deep Chills Remix) ChromeMusic

A brand new offering from Deep Chills and the so far mysterious Sonnengruss that i had the pleasure of meeting a few months back and that wasn´t even to be found on the social Medias. Their entire production is based on wonderful modern melodical house segments. With Sonnengruss we get a huge act, which wants to conquer the festivals and clubs next year with their unique songs! “Day & Night” could easily be one of the strongest Tunes this summer! We are so excited about their upcoming releases!

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Lions Head “Begging” First Official Video!

We have been a lively supporter of Lions Head ever since we first heard their first release “Begging”. It was pretty clear that they were gonna blow up really soon with the ear candy they had to offer. So it comes as no surprise that their first official video had to be eye candy. Enjoy it, it’s a soothing piece of video that’s pretty much in tune with the zeitgeisty look and feel of the web and reminds a bit of the intro trailer to True Detective. I got told in their mail, that the video was done on the down low – and that’s just mind-blowing, consiering the quality! Enjoy the video. This song to me is literally #summer2015 . Well done Iggy & Philip.

Lions Head – Begging (Official Music Video) from Tanz Dich Glücklich on Vimeo.

filous – How Hard I Try ft. James Hersey


We just had one of this lovely warm summer nights last week with James Hersey live on stage and a glass of red wine. A week later the sun escaped again but filous brings back the chilled summer vibe with his first original track ever of his upcoming EP “Dawn”. Thumbs up for this collaboration with James Hersey, to me filous is always telling something like – don’t worry, everything will be alright or just relax, world is turning anyway. Always a good feeling, can’t wait for the EP :)

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WIN! This Band Is Bound To Be Huge! Lions Head – Begging

begging lions head ChromeMusic

Pretty much everything i want in a song! Ever since i heard this song, i had it on heavy rotation on my devices and on my mind. In other words: I – am – hooked! The perfect soundtrack for your… everything. Lions Head is bound to be huge, in no time at all, and not only according to the brilliant tropical remixes that are currently floating around! Hell yeah, this is my favourite summer anthem (so far)!

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PS They just announced their first ever tour with just one song under their belt! Via LichtdichtBooking, they guys behind Milky Chance.

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The/Das – Receiver (Wasted Ruffians Remix)

wasted ruffians chromemusic

When you see the two Berliners behind the decks you can really feel their full commitment and their passion for music, alongside partying to it! This song is characterized by a deep and groovy house sound with lots of rousing varieties based on their musical roots like Indie, Hip Hop and Soul. Celebrate with the Wasted Ruffians this weekend at Ritter Butzke. I am not gonna sneak in some party dates here, but in case you were wondering where to see them live this saturday, April 18th – here is a link

…no but seriously here you go : RSVP to Exit 6 years of Madness @ Ritter Butzke.

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