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Lu & Sowlmate – Hopeful Words [Debut EP Out Now] – Part 1

Attention world! Here is the first release of a sweet team up by already established Soundcloud remixer/producer Sowlmate and his buddy Lu, who delivers the lovely vocals, to make “Hopeful Words” into an actual sweet heartfelt song, instead of a remix. Good to see young cats creating original music after the whole remix craze that went down in recent years and good to be asserted that some of them, like our buddy Sowlmate, are actually creating music that goes much deeper than any of their remixes ever could.

“Hopeful Words” has become a favourite of mine ever since “Max” aka Sowlmate played it for us the very first time. Some might say it sounds too much like Milky Chance and that whole style is ‘so last year’, but the truth is, Milky Chance had one good song (nothing else) and never followed up with anything. They simply failed to, same as all the dj cats that got signed to cater to these hippie-folk-pop-dance demands but ultimately never went anywhere except Felix (Jaehn) who made his own thing sound wise. Just telling from the many people that surround me, the demand and thirst for this kind of music has never ceased, but rather been pushed back because nobody has delivered the goods. Maybe Lu & Sowlmate can change things around and this EP is a good indicator that these 2 young cats just want to create honest music without any of the hypes & clichés that the ‘music industry’ and labels are pushing for.

“Hopeful Words” is a touching original tune with an incredibly infectious feel to make it a true winner for 2018 and put a smile on your face. I am glad and happy for the both of them that they didn’t listen to anyone from radio promoters, to managers, label execs and distributors, and instead delivered what music they felt right and what they love themselves. This is a golden rule in life – if you follow your heart and really do what you like with a positive mind-set and an open heart, you will always find enough people who enjoy the same things you do. This is how you create your grassroots and in time will grow with whatever you are doing. And in the case of Lu & Sowlmate it’s beautiful, honest music that doesn’t need hypes and styles but rather an open heart & mind.

These were my “Hopeful Words” ;) – Stream/Buy the EP: goo.gl/BAJp5C

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Pure Summer Vibes! SEASIDE HIGHLIFE “Sideways” by The YUM YUM’s

Soundcloud is over and Spotify is the new playground. This track came out 5 months ago and it’s more than destined for the summer time and beyond, much further beyond. Pretty much like Matt Simmons or many of the other tracks with that beach, tropical, summer feel in mind. It has amassed over 3 Mio plays so far (!!) and is grinding out loads of plays on different college radios and on Spotify on the daily, while it’s still far from peaking! . Funny how that all changed and Spotify alone is the driving force behind this tune, w/o any promotion whatsoever. Let’s see where Spotify pushes this tune to show its dominance and make it among the first tunes to climb the ladder from within Spotify to the outside world…So now here is the first “promotional post” for Sideways which is the very first of many tunes to come by Seaside Highlife. Reminsicent of many things like Milky Chance (Songwriter), Kungs (Horn Drop), Matt Simmons (Tropical Feel) and many more along the lines. Pure summer time feel and feel good fun. Plus that funk feel gives me the goosebumps. “I see you dancing…” Have a greta summer!

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Marlon Percy X Dariush Gold – Leaving

maxresdefault 4

Great mellow open road feel, honest sound with a modern touch, love the interaction or even team play of the sub basses, the vocal chops, those sincere guitar chords and everything else that is going on. This is the right mood to take off into the night and hop on a train/plane for an adventure somewhere in the great unknown.  The tune doesn’t pretend to be more than it is and it does a damn good job without relying on pure effects. It’s another one of the many catchy tunes atm, but somehow it still sticks with you! Give it a few rounds and catch yourself humming “you know i’ll be leaving” unexpectedly during the day. Ps. Not recommended while playing violent video games, it will make you throw down your arms and the pacifying mind state will make you lose every round – tried & tested. But.. put it on your big bassy speakers, let the bass unfold, spark a doob, and see where it takes you.

A simpler, dumbed down beat could have taken this tune into mainstream popularity, but it would have taken so much of its finesse away – and its highly appreciated the  way it is!! Thank god there is room for art in the world, and not everything sounds like future bass/edm/808beats. Definitely going into this months top tunes!

#ChromeSelects: KYTES



KYTES is gonna leave you with a good feelin’. “I Got Something” is their new single that has been on repeat in our earbuds. With a distinct pattern throughout, this single is destined for some radio play.

We got the opportunity to sit down with these four gentlemen of the road and grilled them about touring, their new single, and eating in the US.

1) How did you link up with Robert Koch?

We first linked up via our label and publisher. They connected us. We then met Robert at SXSW. We played at the same venue and really enjoyed his set.

During SXSW, we hung out a lot and had some great conversations, he’s such a chill guy!

2) You are all about to go on tour in Germany, what has previous tour experiences taught you? How do you all prepare for a multi-month tour?

We played our first tour in October / November 2015, touring is definitely one of the coolest things you get to do as a band. Playing our own songs in front of all these different people night after night is just great. It’s the reason why we do music.

Touring taught us to always play with 100% energy – no matter if it’s in front of 1,000 people or 10.

Being on the road for a long time can be a little rough, it helps a lot that we’re not only band members but best friends. Preparing for a multi month tour is rehearsing a lot obviously, we are also adjusted our live-set for our upcoming tour. We’re really stoked about bringing our own stage setting for the festivals this summer.

We had the chance to work with this really cool dude, called Clemens von Löffelholz who will design human sized KYTES letters and unique colour banners.

3) Where does your inspiration come from in writing and composing a song?

Inspiration comes in a lot of different ways. Of course it’s music in general and artists we love.

We like to mix inspirations out of different genres. So, for example, we have this verse which is pretty indie and for the chorus we think: “Ok how would Major Lazer do this chorus?”

It’s fun to blend genres and to break musical boundaries.

Lyrics wise, it’s lots of stuff we experience ourselves, stories, poems, fantasies and dreams.

4) What should we be listening to?

Foals – Rain
Röyksopp – So Easy
Mura Masa – Lovesick
Little Comets – Bridge Burn
Yates – Mercury
Woman – Psychedelic Lover
M83 – Bibi The Dog 

5) What was it like to play at SXSW? A bigger question remains – what food did you enjoy and what are you looking forward to eating again when back in the US? Any plans to come back and play here? 

We definitely want to come back as soon as possible! Playing at SXSW was great, the people were really into new music. At our last showcase, at Esther’s Follies, people began to dance after our first song and danced through the entire show, it was magical!


We experienced the best Thai food ever in LA at the Night Market in West Hollywood. We have to come back if it’s only for the food!

The same with Sushi in San Diego. And we had an amazing burger at Hodads in San Diego. Also some really great Mexican Food!!!

6) What are a couple singles we should be on the look-out when the album comes out? 

Of course, our current single “I Got Something.”

Also a brand new track called “Head To Toe.” We’re really looking forward to the feedback, the songs all have their own style in a way and we can’t predict which songs are going to be your favourites.

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KYTES – I Got Something [+ Robot Koch Remix]

kytes chromemusic

“I Got Something” for you. A self made story about success by KYTES and some home town support by us:

There’s a lot to tell you when it comes to KYTES – started in 2015 KYTES already had tremendous success with their first 2 singles and their debut EP called “On The Run” back last year. Having several high chart placements here in Germany, a couple of nominees, awards and even a big deal with Vodafone in luggage they went over to play live @SXSW recently. Back in Germany KYTES are going to release their 3rd single “I Got Something” including the remix by the award winning producer and composer Robot Koch. With their strong danceable beats, catchy guitar riffs and electronic sound beds they keep up the momentum from last year and aren’t only loved by the indie-scene. Listening to KYTES gives you this lovely feeling of endless summer nights with friends and barbecue, cold drinks and some vibrational heat by dancing the sh** out of you!

Make sure to grab your package even before the official release HERE.

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