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Molly Moore – Imaginary Friends (Pluto Remix)


Stumbled upon this neat future take of Molly Moore‘s “Imaginary Friends” by Plutoand i have to admit it’s been a while since i’ve heard a xylophone drop kickin’ ass like this one. Also like the guitar line and the trumpets. Molly’s signature voice sits nice on top of it all and i recommend to listen to the original song too. While you’re doing this you shall grab your Free Download as long as it’s hot!

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Molly Moore – Easy

Molly Moore‘s ‘Easy’ is another brilliant shimmering new song by the LA based singer/songwriter. Her outstanding voice and the state of the art production are making ‘Easy’ a pop juggernaut that is also very likely to be remixed. So, to all the producers out there, here is something new to work with. The melody is already stuck in my head, after repeatedly listening to this song during the last few days.

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