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YUM YUM @ die Registratur in Munich this Friday

Well what can I say… if you have been attending our last parties in Munich (and I know you certainly did) you what’s the deal this Friday… with Chrome back from Asia, not:fx back from UK and Tand still in 3rd anniversary mode you’ll get a full load of today’s YUM YUM sound and your beloved classic material on the main floor with dj duties up to Schu and Sepalot in the 2nd area. You better show up as an early bird because we had to turn down approx 400 to 500 people the last time which sucked big time but the club just istn’t big enough. Really looking forward to this because it’s been three or four months since I’ve been to Munich. Nuff said. See you on Friday!

Sugoy starting out this Friday Feb 27th


This friday will see the first installment of our new night in munich called sugoy, which is japanese for awesome. Now as we all know everybody can be cool but awesome takes practice and that is why we went on and got rid of all blinders to establish a proper party in munich’s most famous club P1. Everybody who is familiar with chromemusic.de knows what you can expect musically on friday. DJ duties will be up to me, not:fx, plus we will introduce you to our new friend called Ori Nero who by then will be returning from Tel Aviv where he played in one of the cities most renown clubs. Expect to hear more from him soon.

Join the facebook event, leave us a comment there and we will put you on the guestlist for friday. Plus you can grab a free mix on facebook by wednesday or be an early bird and grab one of the cds at the night.

My favourite song these days:


Roxanne – Discotech remix

All I Can Do Is Love You Tour & Mix

We’re growing and growing and you might have noticed that there is a little tour called the ‘All I Can Do Is Love You” tour, featuring three cities in Germany in cooperation with K-Swiss. After the massive birthday and tour kick-off in Munich last week, there are two tourdates left for this week: Frankfurt and Berlin.

In Frankfurt this Friday YUM YUM will go down at Walden together with our well known residents Schu, Schowi and Chrome, plus a friend from Frankfurt: Julian Smith from the Live Demo crew.

Continuing on Saturday YUM YUM will be at Berlin’s favourite spot – Scala with local residents Schowi and Ben Mono together with Chrome and on the second floor we will have a 90s R&B/Soul party with good friends San Gabriel & Lilly Flip a.k.a. Candy Club.

The whole tour was the motivation for a new mix, done by Tand Williams and Not:fx, which we handed out already at the last two nights and which is now available as free download or as a podcast.


All I Can Do Is Love You Tour Mix


YUM YUM Munich this Friday Nov 7th with pure summer vibes

This one s gonna be really huge – if last YUM YUM in munich was an indicator – check the last comic book , it will going down this Friday @ Registratur in Munich with Djs Chrome & Special Guest Anonymous (Helsinki/FIN) and 2nd area being a Top Friend Floor with Not:fx & Norbert Schiegl. Finally the transcending phase is over where we had to re-convert our audience to new musical styles – but still keeping the whole YUM YUM vibe of friendly lively soulful music with a singing audience filled with smiley faces. The YUM YUM crowd took it with extreme ease and adapted just like we did and now they are the ones pushing things. They know whats up – it seems only the other promoters and clubdjs (with a few exceptions) haven’t caught up yet and are still booking and playing yesteryears music. All musical boundaries are only in your heads, i have been playing that wildstyle all my life and now the time is ripe since most ipods have better music to offer than the average dj – meaning thre is a wide acceptance in the audience if not demanding.

The new website design is doing its thing as well our newly set up yumbrella network. Ps this month we will try something different with this months YUM YUM top tunes. You will be the ones deciding what the charts will be. Have fun and come back Thursday for the final results.

Enjoy all the other new entries & music.

Ps we will be handing out the YUM YUM tour Cd this Friday. The first 100 guests will each receive one.