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droppz NEW embeddable flash player!!! + new, faster sharing music on facebook

Hey folks, i assume you have read my post about our online music player droppz.com and hopefully shared it with ALL your friends?!? lol. Well here are 2 brand new feature and these ones are grrrreat!!

1. droppz now has an embeddable music player that you can add into any of your websites & blogs!

It works just like youtube, if you want to embed a tune, just click the embed icon and grab the code – easy as 1,2,3). Check the player out below! So any track on droppz – you can embed into your site. And thats pretty much just the beginning, before our player get the royal treatment, ie customize it to play your dropped/voted/blogged tunes or this weeks/days favourite tunes on droppz.com. Also check out the link to the original blog source where you can read the post!

2. also!!!  – if you share a track on facebook – just try it out – a link to the tune appears, and that link leads you to the original track ONLY, so no more waiting times at all. (it looks just like the player above after you have clicked the link)!!!Sharing is so much MORE fun now!!!

THX for all your support and have fun peoples, many more news are coming. Like i said everythings a process and this things gonna go places with you..