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this weekend YUM YUM Krefeld

 YUM YUM Krefeld November 6th
November 6th 2010
Magnapop (via Google Maps)
Tand Williams // Meskla
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The last YUM YUM in Krefeld was such a lovely night!

…On November 6th we would like to welcome Mr. Meskla who will join our main man Tand Williams on the next dates and lets see how that works out! We have our hope up high with this youngster as long as they are willing to learn from the vets (just kidding). But we have seen a lot of big names turn into a fail, when it comes to our set and sound. Ask one of the guys from Absolute Beginner (not saying no names).

We are excited to see how well Meskla has adapted to the YUM YUM set and sound and if he can bring the goods. ANYWAYS: Tand Williams running the show for sure to give the noob a YUM YUM backbone and occupy the prime times. Give him have a lovely start this Saturday in Krefeld @Magnapop. Doors open at 22h.

So don’t forget your dancing shoes, lollipops, pinky pants and what not you need to have good time, ;)

See you guys ♥

Taggy Matcher – Next Episode

Taggy Matcher – Hip Hop Reggae Series

Hip Hop / Reggae Blends are a part of YUM YUM since the very beginning and if their done properly they seem to nice up every dancefloor.Taggy Matcher is none other than the The French Reggae Cover Band “The Dynamics” (another YY favourite btw) and they already Released a full Hip Hop / Reagge Remix Album almost a year ago, called “Hip Hop Reggae Series Vol.1”. Since then I really looked out for Vol.2 but never got my hands on it and now there is already Vol.3 available

Here you have a few tracks of Vol.1, grab Vol.3 over here and hook me up if you got Vol.2!


Taggy Matcher-Next Episode


Taggy Matcher – My Adidas


Taggy Matcher – Real Hip Hop