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Massive YUM YUM weekend ahead of us

Whoa! A massive weekend lies ahead of us. Before we reopen YUM YUM in Duisburg at the H5 we will have ourselves another ball and celebrate our second get together at Dortmund’s very own Daddy Blatzheim. These are two dates we are very excited about.

DJs at both venues will be Not:fx, Pretty Boy D-Nice! and myself. We’ll make sure to deliver the latest in YUM YUM sound and music so you know you’ll be in for a treat. Also please make sure to be prepared for right now’s ÜBERanthem brought to you by no one less then the elders of the internet cause nobody canna cross it:


Nobody Canna Cross It – Dj Powa & Clifton Brown

PS: We wanted Max Mausser to join us but unfortunately it turns out that, although in denial, he is going to cross a river!

This Saturday: YUM YUM Stuttgart

Stuttgart Juni 2011
June 18th 2011
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Stuttgart will once again be covered with good vibes this weekend when Mr. Not.FX & Swist throw happy tunes between your dancing shoes and have a good time while enjoying sweets. Be an early bird!

Leela_dread dub – Dedy Dread

YUM YUM this Saturday, Apr 16th @ 100Meister

Hands down. Another massive YUM YUM at the Hundertmeister is upon us this Saturday. Personally looking forward to this one because I haven’t been spinning for two weeks and DJ duties will be up Tipura and myself.

Tipura runs things in Stuttgart and will be joining our NRW family for the first time. So let’s all make sure to give him a very warm welcome since he’s as eager to play as I am.

Doors will be open at 11PM as always. Please make sure to check our latest YUM YUM Top Tunes for April so you know what to expect musicwise.

Aaaaaaaaaand don’t forget to RSVP to the event on Facebook, join our group and/or subscribe to our (German) newsletter. If I remember why – I’ll let you know ;)


John Legend – Rolling in the deep (not.fx remix)

Krefeld & Ingolstadt get prepared


Wir begehen das 2. Quartal 2011 mit aufkeimendem Frühling, mehr Leben auf der Straße und der Gelegenheit zu guten Tunes die Füße endlich nicht mehr still zu halten.

YUM YUM Krefeld geht am 02. April an den Start und bringt neben unserem local Hero Meskla den YUM YUM Hero Not:Fx an die Plattenteller!

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Find Magnapop via Google Maps.



YUM YUM! April April!
Natürlich kein Scherz und trotzdem immer lustig. Zur allgemeinen Erheiterung trägt dieses Mal Tommy Montana wesentlich bei. Das hat nichts mit dem April zu tun, Tommy hat das ganze Jahr durch gute Laune im Gepäck. Die hat er im Maki schon mehrfach ausgepackt und wird es diesmal wieder tun. Ergänzend dazu wird unser Lieblings-Flo aka Dj Superior zeigen, dass Ingolstadt versteht, wie urban klingt!
Viel Spass und am besten früh kommen, um nicht lange anzustehen!

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Find your way to the Maki via Google Maps.



Future Fambo & Beenie Man ft. Busta Rhymes – Rum & Red Bull (Remix)

YUM YUM this Saturday, Feb 19th @ 100Meister /// 5th Anniversary

YUM YUM this Saturday, Feb 19th @ 100Meister /// 5th Anniversary

Here it is. 5 years in a row with no break whatsoever. Thank you guys for being who you are because you truly make YUM YUM what is! But enough with the jibjab. This one is definitely going to be off the hook!! Oh boy. DJ duties are up to Not:fx, Pretty boy D-nice! and myself. Can’t wait.

Hit up the Facebook event for RSVP and Google Maps for directions. Oh yeah, almost forgot: also we’ll be giving away a new CD for early birds. In case you’d like to return the favor, bring one of these (assembled) and help me build my Imperial army. Thx.


The Nextmen – A Mean Speaker

Ps: Please come early! Just sayin’ ;)