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Playlist : Wolfskind x ChromeMusic


Sweet Playlist from my buddy Wolfskind who is growing and getting better and better at what he does in the world of music, mainly state of the art production. Expect nothing less from the playlist he made for us. Give it a spin and discover lots of … hm let’s call it future pop.

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Playlist : Not The 80s [outrun, synthwave, new retrowave]

This playlist has the feel of a classic 80s movie with all the JCVD Sly Stallone Ninja Michael Dudikoff action and coolness packed into it. Inspired by Outrun and catches the vibes 100%. Everything Kung Fury tried to accomplish but failed with everything that followed the initial promo clip on Kickstarter. Get in touch with your inner karate kid and +1 the stranger things nostalgia. Perfect for classic games, fist fights with cyborgs, rescuing maidens from ninjas, a classic dance off and getting your crew together for a bout of D+D. Love this one!

by patreeeek

Playlist : Neo Tokyo [Synth- Dark- Vaporwave, Neon, 80’s, Outrun]

One of the best movies ever and a tremendous playlist. It seems to me that while the world and old media (yes i count classic centralized social media as well) is occupied with Miley Cirus and other banal degenerates, a parallel split society has evolved from the depths of the net – guided by the freedom and non-pc attitude of older video games. They have their own decentralized taste in music and style and have a completely opposing culture, that i always found more attractive since it’s honest, rational and more stylish than anything that’s out there and is rooted in dank a$$ shit. This playlist is another proof of how cool that whole style is. I wouldn’t call it scene bc that would be measuring it in normie terms – and anything normie sucks.

“Diabolic blood drinking transdimensional parasitic aliens are trying to take over the planet. Only one man can save humanity from its total annihilation… To the rescue – in Neo Tokyo.

Found via Scrimps

by doug416

Playlist : What Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Should Sound Like [awesome mix vol 3]

When the Ooga Chaka Intensifies…

This is pretty spot on. Vol 2 of the movie might have not been on the same level as the first one and yes they might have overdone the same old cute gay Marvel jokes, but it still is a space movie with some psychadelic elements, not seen since the late 70’s (come on, Kurt – the man – Russell was a living planet). No matter if it’s the evil Disney corp and if the evil mouse corp is dropping the same old Voglers take on Joseph Campbells “Heroes Journey” formula over and over, it still has awesome music and the most colorful palette of aliens since Captain Kirk was chasing green skirts in space. What do you think would be a perfect playlist for GOT 3?

by Nick Crivaro