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▶ Sene – Holyday ft Denita Odigie

Sene – Holyday feat. Denita Odigie. After finally purchasing the full Sene Album i have to revise myself – this track is actually called Holyday not Spoiled Rotten Apples, as i wrote before and another blog as well (looking at you indieshuffle), mainly bc we both looked it up somewhere else. Still one of the strongest tunes right now. Love it

Check out the whole LP via Plug Research– PR on Soundcloud / buy “Brooklyknight


▶ Sene – Spoiled Rotten Apples & Brooklyknight Video

Sene has a new album out called “Brooklyknight” on Plug Research. Check out Senes Artist Page on PR for more videos and music. The whole album is really the essence of dope and this young buck is constantly putting out quality material. BK only raises the bar a bit and as good as the entire album is, this has to be my favourite track by far:


Sene – Spoiled Rotten Apples

Ps check out the whole LP via Plug Research– PR on Soundcloud / buy “Brooklyknight