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UNREVAL – A 15 Min Short Movie That Will Be On Your’s Mind For A Very Long Time…


I did my best, but it wasnt much
I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
I’ve told the truth, I didnt come to fool you
And even though it all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah… *Leonard Cohen

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This is not the one post you might expect here on ChromeMusic about Leonard Cohen. It’s just the time to use his words for whatever needed. Besides that I am not even sure this is the relevant quote. Not finding the right words  just manifests my desperate search for some answers and solutions on how to spend this ridiculously short ammount of time here on this planet as a *good* human. (Considered from the top of the ancient egyptian pyramides this life time really is ridiculous but that’s worth another post…)
Ok, this is going too far – my actual point:

Watch this Documentary (or Short Film however you want to call it) called ‘Unravel’ !

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-17 um 19.45.58

Filmed in 2012 by the director Meghna Gupta the topic mass consumption of the western world is more actual than ever before. And is a topic that concerns me intensly over the last months. Yes, I am spending more time on zero waste blogs to find the right receipts for my DIY dish cleaner than finding new songs these days. You can do many things to safe this planet, to avoid plastic, to safe water, to recycle your things. But when it comes to clothes I still don’t have a solution that suits me.  I remember this wonderful talk I had with my best friend back in summer when we were sitting in one of these instagram cafés, both of us enjoying the last warmth of the sinking sun with a glass of campari mixed with fresh orange juice in our hands (is there anything we really can complain about in our lifes?). I just came back from shopping or better said from rushing through all the big shops, buying nothing and getting angry about all these useless clothes they offer you all made in Cambodia, Marocco and god knows where else. So it was her job to take me out of this ‘carrying the pain of the whole world within me’ mood. I did some research before, did want to know how evil H&M and all the others really are. I mean, they entice all of us with green campaigns, fair trade cotton and recycling deals. But as an ‘educated’ human being in the western world can you really believe them and spend less than 5 Euro for a T-shirt? I doubt it. You hardly find the behind the scenes information I was looking for, so I gave up. Yes, H&M does finance some water safe projects but the sad truth is even if they’d do everything right there are still the traders from whom they get the fabric or the cotton and for sure nobody feels responsible for their working conditions. You see, this line has no end and we are all part of it. So we both agreed on doing the best we can do in our little cosmos, buying less, lending clothes to friends etc and ordered another drink.

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Sorry, I could really work myself up on this topic. Just because I KNOW this all is going in a complete wrong direction and there has to be something to make a difference. Now you might say there are fair trade labels and shops popping up everywhere and I could choose to buy my clothes there. Or I could just buy vintage. You are right, I could. But first of all I don’t want to look like my art teacher in primary school and even if I don’t buy new clothes every week (what I don’t do anyway) like every girl I really enjoy buying new things from time to time. And I have to be honest – I haven’t reached that point yet where I easily spend 60 euro on a white shirt to make sure it’s fair trade.

So this short movie shows you all this tragedy from another perspective. And somehow it makes me wanna cry and laugh at the same time. Watching these beautiful woman laughing and sparkling in the middle of our waste in their colourful dresses touches my heart deeply. Although it’s just 15 min and pointing the finger on each and everyone of us (bc we all know it and all keep our eyes shut) listening to the thoughts of these woman and how they make fun of us ‘the educated people’ that they dream about to meet one day makes you smile and reminds you there must be something better on a higher level. somewhere.

Again. Don’t really have the right words yet so just watch it and I am sure you get my point.

unravel chromemusic

Oh and don’t give me one of this foolish excuses like you don’t have time for this bc you need to spend time on your carreer or your own problems are enough for you to deal with. This is exactly one of your problems!

Good night.

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One Of These Days When FB Is Better Than Netflix…

Since I broke up with my TV many years ago it happens on some evenings that I get lost online for hours. Almost like a little ceremony – things I did want to look up pop up in my mind. I start at one point and find myself following the links and endless paths through the internet. Sometimes I just clean my tabs, close the ones I don’t need anymore or leave new ones open as my bucket list for the next days. Sometimes its just music I float through. Song by song. On other evenings it’s just pictures – Instagram, tumblr, pinterest…And then there are special evenings where Facebook is more fun watching than any show on Netflix. If everyone feels like he/she has to share his thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the world right now. You can be the silent watcher of people’s behaviour and reactions on events like the election yesterday. If you follow the right people (what a brilliant pun right now) this really makes fun…make yourself a cup of tea and get lost for a little while…

P.S. the gif that we usually use at the beginning I’ve put it last this time. It’s my favorite shared link by today :)

The probably most intelligent link I’ve found today is this one. And now…

trump chromemusic

trump chromemusic trump chromemusic trump chromemusic trump chromemusic

trump chromemusic

And here is something to think about.

For those who overthink delusional disorder and stupidity in mankind now – take some deep breaths.

chromemusic how to breathe correctly

The Crisis of Capitalism

Crisis = Fearmongering to make the anxious slaves obey and work even harder

Capitalism = new global belief system w/o there cannot be any life, freedom & happiness

Capitalism + Crisis = Uh-uh, the gods must be craaazy! They need better worshipping! LOL

Still funny & nicely done  video though!

Must see movie “Collapse”


If you think Paranormal Activity was freightening, you haven’t seen this documentary yet. Not available anywhere in central europe so google it and put a “rapidshare.com/files” behind it.

I have been talking about this for some time now and getting on peoples nerves about it, but this thing (the peak oil) is taking place, no doubt about it. This is a guy who can see through the matrix but still you can argue about this or that – but its definitely a joy to listen to Michale Ruppert speak in his unpretionious, well educated and extremly well researched kind of way. AND i you are in the mood for more info read his latest piece “Something evil comes this way“go to — lifeaftertheoilcrash.net

or google Howard J Kunstler or go to my favourite blog ever: idleworm

Go see this thing…

Iran election protest Manchester




This Sunday I attended the protest against the atrocities occurring in Iran. The protest took place in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester City Centre. It was a peaceful protest and although people were clearly very upset and concerned about the issue at hand, there was absolutely no trouble at all. As a sign of support, we brought down strips of green material and handed them out amongst the demonstrators, the colour now being synonymous with the opposition party fighting for freedom in Iran.

We seemed to be the only white Brits at the demo, and I was pretty disappointed not to see more faces in the crowd showing support… however it was clear that the Iranians attending the demo were very appreciative to see at least a couple of us standing with them.

I found the whole thing to be extremely moving, the most striking thing was the amount of people covering their faces to protect their identities, obviously concerned that their presence may cause trouble for family and friends in Iran.

Not being a Farsi* speaker I couldn’t follow most of the protests, but this only gave me time to reflect on how I would feel if it were my family and countrymen in a similar situation. We should all be thankful for our freedoms, not everyone is as lucky as us.

You can show support by changing your Twitter pic green here

Our thoughts are with the people of Iran.

*thanks for your corrections!