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A short Xmas present by the entire New Years Eve Crew!

puerto silvester

ok, so we switched locations for News years eve/Silvester – boo hoo, its all good and it makes sense. So here is a roundup of MIXTAPES by all crews involved. I will also use the post to explain where and who is playing(on what floor/spot). so right on…

Download & Have fun with the many mixtapes and thanks to all the crews/parties involved for coming up with class material. See you this year or next year lol. The Rsvp to Puerto Giesing & the one for  YUM YUM. Its the same anyways now!


YUM YUM Floor w Team from Hell Bar:


Mixtape: YUM YUM November 2010

Hip Hop Silvester Floor:


Mixtape: Rewind! mixtape pt 1 by Dj Scream



Mixtape:  GhettoBlaster Classics 01 by Al Rock

Balkan & Bass/ Balkanstylee, Selekta & Sweet:


Mixtape: Selekta – live mix by Tobestar & J-mc (Selekta)



Mixtape: Deep Night Soul by Empee (Sweet)

Münchner Stadmuseum:

Kongress Floor mit Sascha Sibler, Dario Zenker & many more


Mixtaape: Keinemusik 25.11.10 by Sascha Sibler



Mixtape: Dolce Pulgadas Podcast by Dario Zenker


Expect awesomeness! The time has come again when a bunch of crazy guys flip, whip and fly over resounding dirt hills at Germanys biggest dirt jump contest Big in Bavaria again – 22.-25.Juli 2010.

As our TOP FRIEND party worked as the inofficial warm up party last year (check the p…ics) it is the official place this year to warm up for an amazing party weekend with the worlds mtb & bmx elite and of course go big and get wasted…

Digital Barro – specially imported from France – and the local heros Raph & Tommy Montana will get the dance floor colored with partyable high-quality cross-genre club music all night long and as usual you can expect a welcome drink, sweets and a lot of awesomeness! Better come early this time and check the newsletter in order to win places on the guest list.

Alors? Go big or go home!



Get more info:


Top Friend Party Thursday @ Erste Liga

Once again we are havin our Top Friend Party this Thursday at Erste Liga. This time DJ duties are up to our friend Stevie Mac from Manchester, who has been spinning at Top Friend Parties for several times and always did a good job and Munichs own Raph who did a fabuluous job last time he played alongside Schowi. You know what to expect with these guys around, quality Club Music all night long. As always there is an Early Bird special price between 23h an 0:30h. See you on Thursday at the bar enjoying some good Music and russian Drinks

RVSP to the Facebook Event


husky rescue – soundoflove (the twelves remix)

Top Friend this Thursday @ Erste Liga

Top Friend Party is back after taking a break during xmas & NYE. This Thursday its back to Erste Liga with my peoples FU (from the Wax Wreckaz), coming down from IBk & my man Raph who is always on some next level shit when it comes to electronic music and the Top Friend Sound. So be in for a treat and come down. Here are a few tunes to get you warmed up for Thursday night.

RSVP to the Party on Facebook


Le Roux Vs Super Milkmen – Quicksand



Top Friend Party tonight @ Erste Liga


Well tonight it is the ‘return of the Mack’, my friend Stevie Mac (Manchester UK) is back to play @ Top Friend Party alongside Raph who has been a Top Friend resident at YUM YUM for the past 1,5 years. These two are bound to steal the show even if they are relatively unknown. I know Steve Aoki is playing at the P1 opening and so forth, but this is the one you wanna go to partywise, crowdwise and location wise. Hit up Steve Aoki and then head over top T F Party for the real thrill.
A Top Friend Favourite right now:


La Roux – Bulletproof (Gashups Filthy Dubstep Remix)

this one i found while getting lost in blogland some weeks ago, played it ever since. Too bad i haven’t found a better quality mp3 yet.


I got Soul, I’m So Wasted – Wallpaper

YUM YUM Munich this Friday, June 5th @ Registratur. Big One + new YUM YUM Mix Cds are here!

We ve got a new one coming up – finally after 5 weeks the wait is over. YUM YUM will take place this Friday @ Registratur with Djs Chrome, Tand Williams and the now steady Top Friend Area with Norbert Schiegl & Raph on dj duties. A new YUM YUM Mixtape (Vol. 9) will be passed out (actually 2 new mixtapes – be in for a surprise as what the 2nd one will be) so make sure to show up early and come by for another massive night that i myself am itching for. Gonna be huge – so do not forget to sign up to our YUM YUM Munich group on Facebook and to join this YUM YUM night or party on Fb.

Ps go and vote for our monthly YUM YUM top tunes right >>> here!! enjoy!

more Ps +++YUM YUM Sommerfest coming up next week+++


Iwayne – cant-satisfy-her-dreadsquad-blend