YUM YUM Munich this Friday, June 5th @ Registratur. Big One + new YUM YUM Mix Cds are here!


We ve got a new one coming up – finally after 5 weeks the wait is over. YUM YUM will take place this Friday @ Registratur with Djs Chrome, Tand Williams and the now steady Top Friend Area with Norbert Schiegl & Raph on dj duties. A new YUM YUM Mixtape (Vol. 9) will be passed out (actually 2 new mixtapes – be in for a surprise as what the 2nd one will be) so make sure to show up early and come by for another massive night that i myself am itching for. Gonna be huge – so do not forget to sign up to our YUM YUM Munich group on Facebook and to join this YUM YUM night or party on Fb.

Ps go and vote for our monthly YUM YUM top tunes right >>> here!! enjoy!

more Ps +++YUM YUM Sommerfest coming up next week+++


Iwayne – cant-satisfy-her-dreadsquad-blend