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Lumineers – Ho Hey (Yum Yum Version – a friendly Trap Edit)

A friendly Trap rework to not skip altogether into some American EDM or other noisy styles. Stays true to the original. Everybodys favourite song for a long moment and a half. Somehow alwys kept procacrastinating but here it is finally:


The Lumineers – Ho Hey (Yum Yum Trap Version)

Here are the lyrics as a flowchart :)

The XX, Wu-Tang Clan, KO – Gravel Pit Intro (Dublic Re-edit)

Ok, this one will get a lot of appreciation and a disapproval by most of my dj colleagues for sharing another one of their “secret weapons”. AND this is the spot where i tell you guys, the only secrets worth keeping to yourself (at least for  while) are your very own tunes/remixes, aka original content. If you happen to have none, do not get involved with keeping tunes, that are worth sharing, from people. It’s always your very own task to stay ‘fresh” and actually on top of the game. A little effort goes a ling way. That whole banking system / secrecy mentality BS has not place in the informational world we live and consume music in.

So a much appreciated Wu-Tang | Trap Rework that will find its way into your sets :)

The Passengers – Let Her Go (Peer Kursiv)

Been out for a minute, and what feels like an eternity in our drafts. But the immense popularity of this song forced me to finally put it online, cause in another minute no one will be able to hear the Passengers tune anymore. Its the solid Nr 1 spot on the german charts. Ps The only bearable #1 tune in years. Good, very simple and basic rework, nothing new here, a simple and fine edit following the formula of today: Singer songwriter tune meets an electronic 4/4 beat and arrangement. Predictable but works a charme with its tastefulness. Like so often in life its the simple things.. Somebody explain to me what the difference is these days between an edit and a remix?