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Sratchandsniff Reworks & Edits

Pretty nice Soundcloud account by Scratchandsniff from Glasgow I stumbled across via a facbook post by my pal Markus. Loads of soulful Edits and most of them available for download. Here you have my favourites so far

Al Green – I’ve Never Found A Girl (scratchandsniffs re-rub you up the right way) by scratchandsniff

Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing (scratchandsniff’s extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

Minnie Riperton – Adventures In Paradise (scratchandsniff’s extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

Snoop Dogg & Chromeo “So Gangsta”

This is what happens when two great ones meet. These two tunes were just to tempting to not blend them. Each oen being a hit in its own world, the two combined kinda make the crowd glow and i really enjoy playing this tune, so enjoy this little treat, a brandnew YUM YUM version featuring Snoop Doog and everybodys favourite 80ies Electronic pop duo: Chromeo. Play this one out loud!!


So Gangsta – Snoop Dogg & Chromeo (YUM YUM Version)

ps this is what it looks like when two great man meet. lol

Music for a long week

* thats where you get some cold ice cubes …

Here´s a little something to ease your start into another long week



Major Lazer vs Emynd – “Hold the Linve Vs Hard Drop”


“papa was a rolling stone” (b.cause jamming dub edit)


New Edition “a little bit of love” (b.cause drums edit)