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Energy to combat the lockdown blues? Check out this big rock anthem

In these challenging days of being locked down and isolated at home (for more than a year!), stumbling upon this energy bomb of a rock anthem from newcomers DEAD STAR TALK was a much needed treat. What a debut single! DEAD STAR TALK truly take us back to the carefree days of rock ‘n’ roll partying in the 90’s. How we miss those days right now!

“Love Leash” (which is released this Friday – 26.03.2021), already has this lovely lyric video (that’s how we discovered the lads). Check it out:


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Playlist : What Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Should Sound Like [awesome mix vol 3]

When the Ooga Chaka Intensifies…

This is pretty spot on. Vol 2 of the movie might have not been on the same level as the first one and yes they might have overdone the same old cute gay Marvel jokes, but it still is a space movie with some psychadelic elements, not seen since the late 70’s (come on, Kurt – the man – Russell was a living planet). No matter if it’s the evil Disney corp and if the evil mouse corp is dropping the same old Voglers take on Joseph Campbells “Heroes Journey” formula over and over, it still has awesome music and the most colorful palette of aliens since Captain Kirk was chasing green skirts in space. What do you think would be a perfect playlist for GOT 3?

by Nick Crivaro

1955 – The Big One (Official Music Video)

Huge video, not really disturbing or overdone with subliminal satanic and masonic messages like the rest of pop music these days, but i like my music videos, the way my YouTube channels are when they show how TV shows are on CNN, NBC & co. Fake and staged. Looks like a good topic for a song. Solid groove and solid track. Dig it!

Blessed – One And Only

Wow, what an amazing and outstanding debut song by Australian Newcomers BLESSED. They had my attention within the first bars and reminded me of the almighty Electric Guest. Btw…what are they doing exactly right now? Haven’t heard a thing since decades ;) Meanwhile, Blessed is going to close this gap with their catchy and sunny song and it is something in between indie rock and pop, but as I’m not a big fan of genres I’ll leave it like that. You can get the song on their Bandcamp page if you like to.

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Curtis Harding – I Need a Friend

We were lucky to see this talented young artist perform his latest album “Soul Power” live, which is actually something in between rock & soul, between Jimmy Hendrix and Lee Fields. Probably noone would play this one on a radio station (f.e. his song ‘Keep On Shining‘ is perfect for a wider public) but this is the most touching song on his album and isn’t that what music is meant to be somehow? Have a great day!

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