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ChromeMusic Top Tunes May [+ Introducing New Stream Player]

chromemusic top tunes may

Without telling you or for that matter anyone else we made some changes on ChromeMusic over the last couple of weeks. A you might have noticed – you are finally able to listen to all music right from the frontpage without making this extra and honestly ‘oh-so-90ies’ step by opening each and every single post anymore. Now any kid of our no-brain-apple generation and even your mum is able to get her fresh dose of music on our website instantly. so, yeah.
But still, whenever you want to procrastinate but not waste your rare life – time on Facebook feel free to follow our thoughts, videos, lovely gifs and interviews by really clicking on it. This is the only payment we get (and nothing else is wanted from our side).
But wait – that’s not all to announce. After days of torturing our brains without finding a simple solution and after the tremendous help and skills of our best (IT-) friend Wuwu (thank you again!) we now have a little stream player on CM. Just press play on the bottom of the page! Instead of playing all the music posts seperately, I thought it would be nice to bring back our ChromeMusic Top Tunes. Don’t compare it to the YUM YUM Top Tunes – they will soon come back as well but that’s worth another post. It’s simply a collection of the best songs on CM each month and you can procrastiante or even study/work somewhere else while listening to music you mostly cannot find on spotify yet. Nice little bonus, right? ;) Enjoy the Top Tunes May filled with brand new tracks by wolfskind and Lakechild and some of the best tunes showing up on soundcloud and in our inbox over the last few weeks.

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Sara Hartman – Satellite [EP Out Now]

sara hartman chromemusic

‘Satellite‘ is one of the songs of Sara’s first same – named EP that is out now. From the early beginnings we have been a huge fan of Sara and her pure and shining indie charme/music. Make sure to follow her on facebook to not miss any of her live gigs. Get  in the mood for some self-made indie music and join Sara on her journey.
Get the whole EP including ‘Monsters lead me home‘ and ‘Stranger in a roomHERE!

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Sara Hartman – Monster Lead Me Home

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Introducing Sara Hartman. The girl that used to earn pennies by entertaining the rich & the beautiful down in the Hamptons. Mashing Up songs and playing guitar she fell in love with music back then and we are lucky she did as the “Monster Lead Me Home” will prove to you. The song is the first off her upcoming album, and it’s an impressive introduction. Grand lyrics driven by a intriguing melody. Just 20 years of age, she just recently moved to Berlin and is writing lyrics about Monsters, Satellites and the Universe. So let’s see what the Universe holds in store for Sara Hartman, because as of today she is definitely one to look out for in 2016 and let’s see – maybe the fairy tale from rags to riches will come true. Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy this beautiful tune!

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