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Christmas Mixtapes by all the crews involved in the NYE Party

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All tracklists coming next monday!!!

YUM YUM mixtape:


YUM YUM _Sweet Serenade_ Vol 2

Horses, Cars & Stars Mixtape:


Dansetude Megamix by Manuel Kim (Gomma)

Bobble Mixtape:


FoxdevilwildMix by Simon Rose (Bobble)

So Not Berlin Play roulette 34 with bongo.gg Mixtape:



Top Friend Party Mixtape:


Top Friend Party WeSC_B&B_2010_short

KeineMusik & Stock 5:


Sascha Sibler – MIX-Nov-09

Hip Hop Silvester “Word Up” Mixtapes:




Ghettoblaster Classikz by Al Rock



Massive YUM YUM munich this Saturday, November 7th @ Kongresshalle


NEW massive and regular YUM YUM this Saturday, November 7th@ Kongresshalle (how to get there via google maps).

– No Dance prohibition this time. Start: 11pm – open end. Entry fee 8 €. No Registratur extra bs.

– Djs: Chrome, Max Mausser & Kamikaze (YUM YUM Shanghai) laying down the YUM YUM set and sound.

– Djs: Top Friend Floor: Schu & Ori

– Kamikaze (he last played at our Sommerfest) from YUM YUM Shanghai coming by for a step visit.

– The 2nd floor is a Top friend Floor – which looks great – in some weird 50ies style, hosting electronic music ;-)

– this time >no high throning djs, no tech laser show, Pure niceness with the YUM YUM set & sound. Gonna be maaaassive.

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and make sure to check out and vote for this months top tune selection.

YUM YUM munich this Saturday, Oct 10th @ Alte Kongresshalle

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After the Registratur closing we had a heated debate where to go to, and every single club in munich offered us a premium spot. But we decided to keep it interesting and head out to Kongresshalle twice, do something at the huuge Stroke Urban Art Fair exhibition and concentrate more on off locations, cause not a single spot in munich came close to the Registratur.

So this Saturday we are having our monthly night @ Kongresshalle, where we had our Sommerfest, which turned out to be the best party i have been to this year. Djs will be chrome, max mausser & notfx. There will be an outside area !!! Which is in my eyes very importent no matter what – need to step outside and catch a breath now and then. The 2nd floor was supposed to be a top friend floor, but we are not even sure if we can have a 2nd area – due to some police regulations. We ll see how that works out. Ps before we start the night there will be a live show with Buraka Som Sistema starting at 9pm, which will be over by latest 11.30 – thats when we will start. No worries about the entry – The concert is handled separately: So regular entry fee from 11pm on – before that, its the entry fee for Buraka – anybody who is gonna stay after the show is free to do so.

How to get to Kongresshalle via google maps. right behind munichs little statue of liberty (actually beerdinking)

Größere Kartenansicht

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PS!!! DONT forget to vote this months YUM YUM Top Tune selection.

Octobers biggest tune >>>


Stromae “Alors On Danse”

new YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur

Happy to be back in munich this Friday with the latest and last installment of YUM YUM @ Registratur. Djs will be Chrome, Max and the Top Friend Floor will be run by Norbert Schiegl & Schu. So be in for a massive night, this Friday, September 4th @ Registratur.

No worries we are going nowhere. >>We will still keep our monthly date in munich, every 1st weekend of the month, except this october – when we come back on the 10th of October, right after the Oktoberfest. we had to skip that one. Kongresshalle is just to close to the Oktoberfest. Ps Kongresshallen is the best option, just remember how amazing the Sommerfest was. Next YUM YUM dates in Munich: Sept 4th @ Registratur, October 10th @ Kongresshalle, October 31st – tba (in conjunction with a huge art expo), November 7th @ Kongresshalle.

To stay in touch with us join the YUM YUM Munich Group on facebook and don’t forget to RSVP to this event.

YUM YUM Top Tunes for September will be online by wednesday.

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new YUM YUM tunes:

YUM YUM Sommerfest + Open Air on Wed May 10th @ Alte Kongresshalle, Theresienhöhe 15 + new Mix Cds

Its been a long time coming:

We always wanted to bring you the YUM YUM sound in an Open Area. Too bad there aren’t any good ones in munich. Thats why it took us so long. Especially with YUM YUM being cut dow to only one date a month (believe you me – it wasn’t our idea) people have been asking us for a second date and have been urging us to geta  2nd date – but frankly there weren’t any good spots in munich – every other location besides Registratur would have been a Ghetto Upgrade – and we didn’t want to have a 2nd YUM YUM just for the sake of it – we decided to wait until we had a good spot – even if only for one night.

But on Wednesday, May 10th its on (theres a holiday the day after, k?). The BBQ & Open Air Area starts @ 9pm. Main floors start @ 11pm.

UNLIKE Registratur – THERE ‘S ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERYONE @ Kongresshalle >>> ADDRESS: Theresienhöhe 15, right behind this old lady -need a map: show on google maps here

With us as Munich residents and original team – Chrome, Schu, Not:fx – guests are coming in from almost all other YUM YUM Spots: YUM YUM Berlin – Schowi, YUM YUM Shanghai – Kamikaze and YUM YUM Vienna – dj Beware – which is premiering the following Friday, June 12th @ Cafe Leopold. There are supposedly 3 areas, i really hope that works out, A YUM YUM Main Area (huge spot – with a great soundsystem), A YUM YUM Open Air Area another huge Garden with some delicious BBQ food by the cook of Walther & Benjamin and a rather smaller and noisier Top Friend area. You will be in for a treat.

This is the first gathering of some of the YUM YUM cities and venues and i am really looking forward to this one. We ll get to hear the YUM YUM sound of 4 cities and some good friends of ours are coming down – just like a huge family reunion. This is the reason why we are going other places – to have this kind of exchange going – and its worked out very well everywhere – with the right mindset, attitude, care, friendliness, setup, people and the right friends who understand what we are doing here. (ps after the summer there are 2-3 more cities being added to the YUM YUM network)

We will be giving out the new YUM YUM Vol 9 and a second Mixcd we made specially for our people. And there will be plenty for most of you.

Enjoy last months favourite YUM YUM tune and hit up our event on FACEBOOK here.


“kids-feat-mgmt” – Chiddy Bang

on thursday: Topfriend Special in Munich

I’m fuckin in! On thursday we’ll have a little short term Topfriend Special at our favourite drinking spot – Cafe King. Everybody who joined us at our last Top Friend date at Cafe King knows that they have managed to install a decent dancefloor in the back with a new sound system and we are happy to offer you some off dates there every now and then. DJ duties are up to Schu who was hiding in the studio for the last months & your favourite neighbour NotFx. The next day will be a holiday + entry fee is only €4 so no need to argue! Join us on facebook.

Here is my favourite tune at present by UK’s De Tropix who belong to M.I.A. clout but you can tell that anyway. Check them on myspace.


De Tropix – Brap

btw the flyer features the great kenny powers, character from the hilarious show ‘Eastbound & Down’. Watch it online here.

btw2 Schu and me did a mix together back in november last year. Get it here