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YUM YUM Comic book of last Friday in Munich

all in all this yum yum went down like the dow jones index. literally killed the night. tand and me had a real fun time on the main floor, even though i just got back from asia and was jetlegged the fuck out, while schu and sep took care of the top friend floor quite nicely. the night came to a halt at about 6 a.m. with a still cheerful and singing crowd – we apologize for only throwing one yum yum a month to all our people, but there simply is not another location available at present. we will keep you informed as soon as that changes. but for now yum yum in munich will take place every first friday of the month.

next yum yum is on friday april 3rd, with chrome and special guest kamikaze on the main floor. kamikaze is our resident from shanghai, so we have a shanghai meets munich get together. thx to each and everyone for making it mine.


Miles away from Blumentopf: Sepalot

Our good friend and YUM YUM colleague Sepalot is by now miles away from the sounds he was making with his hip hop band Blumentopf. Check out his latest offering. Forgot to post it before i left for Thailand three weeks ago. A lot of people were caught off guard last Friday when they caught him and his band-colleague and YUM YUM founding member Schu playing the Top Frined Floor at the last YUM YUM night in Munich. I guess thats not what they expected but hey timesa re changing.. and if you ask me for the better. So i salute his latest offering and am curious to see where this change in mind and sound is leading. Good one, Sebastian.





YUM YUM @ die Registratur in Munich this Friday

Well what can I say… if you have been attending our last parties in Munich (and I know you certainly did) you what’s the deal this Friday… with Chrome back from Asia, not:fx back from UK and Tand still in 3rd anniversary mode you’ll get a full load of today’s YUM YUM sound and your beloved classic material on the main floor with dj duties up to Schu and Sepalot in the 2nd area. You better show up as an early bird because we had to turn down approx 400 to 500 people the last time which sucked big time but the club just istn’t big enough. Really looking forward to this because it’s been three or four months since I’ve been to Munich. Nuff said. See you on Friday!